Five tips for more interaction and reach

Instagram stories and direct messages are the future of communication. But how do you get the best out of them? We’ll give you five valuable tips for more interaction and reach.

Instagram Stories are an excellent supplier for additional coverage in addition to regular posts. Finally, they provide us with completely different ways to interact with our community.

The tool could become even more important in the future. In social networks, a kind of return to the authentic is emerging. We are less interested in perfect content in public feeds, but more in personal photos, videos, and statements.

And Instagram stories are the perfect platform for that. They are a transitory place where we can play imperfect content. Add to that the psychological component: We only have 24 hours and need to actively click on a story to see its content.

That makes the tool so exciting for us.

Instagram stories have to get to the point

So what’s up in Instagram Stories? First of all, it is important to know that around 80 percent of the stories are clicked on. This is due to the extremely short attention span of the users.

The challenge, therefore, is to create content that captivates our followers for more than a few seconds. This is basically quite simple: we need to get straight to the point in our stories and build a suspense curve with multiple elements.

Five tips for more interaction and reach

Instagram stories do not work by randomly posting photos and videos. Who wants to be successful on the platform, should certainly master some tricks. We will introduce you to a few here.

1. Find your own style

Make sure your Instagram profile and stories follow a consistent style. This makes users sit up and take notice: they recognize that you are unique. So you stand out from the crowd.

For example, you can use a storyboard to bring more structure to your stories. Be sure to create multivalue content. Do not just repost photos from the feed. Give your followers a reason to look at your stories as well.

2. Learn about the behavior of your followers

What content are my followers most interested in? When are you most active on Instagram? As you get to know your community, you can better respond to their needs.

Suitable for this are Instagram Analytics and Instagram Insights. With the analysis tools, you can see which content your followers like to consume, when to click on or off. And also when your community spends most of its time on the platform.

3. Interact with your community

The Instagram algorithm recognizes when you communicate with other profiles. Therefore, answer the direct messages of your followers. This increases the chances that your next story will be placed further up or your picture higher up. It also shows your community that you care about them.

A valuable tip is also to repost the contents of your followers. You fill your profile with varied content. But more importantly, the photos and reviews of other people strengthen our confidence in each brand. At the same time, you are doing very good review marketing.

However, before you just share foreign content, you should write a short message to the author of the image. The reason: Not every Instagrammer wants its contents distributed free of charge. Of course, your fans will be happy if you share their content. Nevertheless, you should protect yourself legally.

4. Connect with other brands

If you ever get the ideas for good topics, you can connect with other companies or influencers. Instagram take-overs and shared livestreams are often organized quickly. Remember to cooperate with theMention stickeralso to link in your stories.

5. Use the different sticker functions

To increase engagement in stories, Instagram has introduced numerous stickers. The newQuiz Stickerand theHashtag daywe have already presented you in detail. But there are other features that make our followers active and increase our reach.

  • TheSurvey StickerIt’s great to get the opinion of your followers. It also gives you an insight into the preferences of your community.
  • TheQuestion tagis probably the best way to get in touch with your followers. Let your community ask all sorts of questions, pick out the most important and funniest ones, and answer them in your story.
  • With theCountdown StickerFor example, you can announce a livestream or a new product. Your followers can share the countdown. If they click on the tab, they will also receive a notification when the time is up.
  • Do you use theLocation tag, Instagram displays your story in the public feed of the selected location. If you are looking for this location, you will also find your story. This increases your reach.
  • If you’re promoting a product, you shouldShopping stickersuse. Your followers will get more details with one click, and at best they’ll just hit you with a purchase.

Add to that theMusic Daywith which we can integrate a song excerpt into our story and theEmoji scalewith which our followers can respond to the content.

Finally, the missingGIF Stickerswith which we can make our story livelier and users can playfully animate to certain actions.

On Instagram, there is not one model of success. What little tips and tricks have helped you to make a breakthrough? How do you generate the most reach? We look forward to your comments.

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