Huawei ban: what is coming and who is suffering

The situation at Huawei is getting worse and faster than expected. Almost every hour there are new rumors, statements and information. We arrange for you all the facts and the consequences of an impending Huawei ban.

The most important thing first: Existing and already delivered Huawei smartphones will continue to be supplied until August 19, 2019 with Android updates. Then the 90-day grace period expires.

In addition, a week after the announced Huawei ban, things are going faster than expected.

Huawei ban makes Mate X and P30 Pro disappear

Google has already taken two Huawei models from its website. The company has removed the Huawei Mate X and Huawei P30 Pro from the Android website, which lists around 24,000 Android phones.

The blog9to5Googlereports that the two smartphone models have not been listed for several days.

The foldable Huawei Mate X was originally found on the 5G-enabled smartphones. It should therefore support the next generation of mobile radio and appear in June. Now the market launch could move indefinitely.

The Huawei P30 Pro was listed on the Android smartphones with the best cameras.

Own operating system could appear in 2019

The Huawei ban is putting massive pressure on the Chinese telecommunications company. But apparently the company does not let itself be disturbed at least publicly.

Huawei wants namely with its own operating system and its own App Store counter-and that is 60 percent faster than Android.

The Android alternative could appear in 2019.Huawei manager Richard Yu told the US channel last weekCNBC, If Huawei can no longer use the Google operating system, “HuaweiPlan B will approach and use its own operating system,” said Yu.

Thus, the operating system could come on the market in China at the end of the year. It will then be ready for international deployment in spring 2020.

Android alternative does not come in June

Recently, several rumors circulated on the internet. So reportedtechradarthat Huawei wants to release the Android alternative as early as June 2019.

The online site referred to Alaa Elshimy: “We did not want to bring our operating system to market because we had a strong relationship with Google and others and did not want to ruin the relationship,” said the chief executive officer and vice president of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East.

“Now we will launch it next month.”

Accordingly, the operating system should be ready since January 2018. Huawei knew that it would happen eventually and prepared for it. The operating system was our plan B. “

This is wrong information, like Huawei’sCNBCJournalistArjun Kharpal stated immediately after flare-ups of the rumors in an interview.

#Huawei tells me that it’s suggesting its own operating system, designed to replace Google Android, wants to be ready in June are fake:

“This is a hoax. We are not asking to publish it and give credit to fake news. “

– Arjun Kharpal (@ArjunKharpal) May 28, 2019

It should have acted in the statement to a “joke”. Huawei urged the media to stop spreading the wrong news.

The Huawei Ban: Now comes “Hong Meng OS” and “Ark OS”

Elshimy facedTechRadarbut also the Chinese code name “Hong Meng OS” for the new operating system. Like now the online magazineAndroid Headlinesreported, the system should appear globally under the name “Ark OS”.

Huawei is said to have already protected the name at the European Patent Office. German blogger Carsten Knobloch reports on his blog that “Ark OS” has already been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). He received the information from a reader.

The information seems to be correct: The online patent register for patents shows that the application for the word mark “Ark OS” took place on May 24, 2019. Since then, the full word mark “Huawei Ark OS” has also been registered.

First screenshots appeared in the DPMA registry

The patent entry does not mean that Huawei will actually use the name “Ark OS” later. But he shows that the Chinese company is confident enough to protect him.

Particularly interesting: at the end of March, Huawei had already made a claim for protection of the menu design at the DPMA. For the application itself, the company has uploaded initial screenshots of installed apps. They show the menu guidance of “Ark OS”, which is clearly based on Android and iOS.

Huawei, Smartphone, Android, OS Ark

This could be the new Huawei operating system. (Screenshot / DPMA)

Much more is not yet known about the new operating system. On Knobloch’s blog are still circulating more screenshots, on which the mention “Android Green Alliance” can be seen.

This is a merger of Huawei and some Chinese Internet companies such as Tencent and Alibaba. The association wants to establish standards for the quality of Android apps.

But that does not tell us whether we see a customized open source version of Android (AOSP) or a new Huawei development that more or less supports Android apps.

The Huawei ban and its consequences

If the China-US trade dispute can not be resolved within the 90-day grace period, Huawei’s users would no longer be able to receive Android security updates and stop using Google apps. That’s clear.

But there are far more far-reaching consequences that the Huawei ban could entail. The Chinese group is regarded as a pioneer in network technology for the next generation of mobile 5G. Without him, the expansion of 5G worldwide would be delayed.

That would also push back the development of self-driving cars, new medical methods and smartphone generations. And their manufacturers often come from the USA.

Does Donald Trump take his own knee? Without the Chinese telecom giants, the first networks are still supposed to run in the US. But nationwide support will be difficult without Huawei in the near future.

It is clear: Without 5G it makes little sense to buy a 5G smartphone. This concerns the Middle Kingdom. After all, the Chinese are much further ahead of Europe and the United States in terms of digitization and technology.

So Trump has to consider the risk that Huawei may be developing his own 5G chips. Then China would no longer need tech products from the USA.

Huawei goes to court

Meanwhile, Huawei has also filed a petition with a Texas state court. According to the Chinese want to quickly check whether a directed against the company US security law violates the Constitution.

Huawei chief lawyer Song Liuping said at a media conference in Shenzhen, southern China.

Huawei’s chief legal officer Song Liuping announces the unfair treatment of the tech giant. #HuaweiFacts

– Huawei Facts (@HuaweiFacts) May 29, 2019

Liuping also warned the US government against keeping Huawei blacklisted. This would hurt 1,200 US companies and negatively impact thousands of jobs. In addition, the boycott would harm three billion consumers in 170 countries.

Huawei first sued the US in March 2019 because US government agencies are not allowed to buy equipment from the group. A hearing is now scheduled for September 19, 2019.

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