Dr. Daniel Kirchert visits the “Behind The Screens” podcast

In Behind The Screens – the podcast on digitization – Panos Meyer, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based digital agency Cellular, speaks with people who deal with the challenges of digitization in different positions and responsibilities on a daily basis. Today guest: Dr. Daniel Kirchert,CEO and co-founder of the Chinese electric car start-up Byton.

The Tesla killer from China

How will mobility change? Panos Meyer explores this question in this episode, because his guest is none other than the CEO and co-founder of the Chinese electric car start-up Byton dr. Daniel Kleinert. He is often referred to as the “Tesla killer” by the media.

At the Greentech Festival in Berlin, he invited Panos Meyer to a trial session. And so this is the first episode recorded in a car.

Kirchert is a veteran. Because before Byton, he has worked for 15 years in the automotive industry. Together with Carsten Breitfeld, a former BMW manager, he founded the 2017 start-up in China.

I have always had an incredible admiration for visionaries in the tech field who have built their business from nothing. And four years ago I would not have dreamed that I myself would get the chance to start something in this industry.

Especially Tesla would have done much to make the market change and new players have better and better cards.

An iPhone on wheels

In the foreground of the founding of Byton was that you do not just build another electric car.

Kirchert compares the vision more with the iPhone, because what they want to create is a “smart car”. “We really want to build a super car that’s safe, but also a smart device on wheels.”

The desire to build a fully autonomous driving car, he also sees as a great help, because every day to drive to work, was “a great waste of time.”

Kirchert rarely speaks of the car, but rather of the “Digital Livingroom”. The living room feeling is matched by the large touch screen in the center console, which Panos Meyer finds more than impressive.

What else is coming?

But what are the next steps in development and production? Will there ever be a partnership with Netflix? And why does Byton deliberately avoid a one-man show like Tesla?

This and more explains Dr. Daniel Kirchert in the new episode of the Behind The Screens podcast youhere on Soundcloud, iTunesorSpotifylisten directly and for free.

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