Tik-Tok inventor Bytedance plans his own smartphone

The Chinese start-up Bytedance is behind the popular short video app Tik Tok. Now the company apparently also plans to publish its own smartphone with its own pre-installed apps. Is there enough?Potential available?

Toutiao, better known as Bytedance, is the world’s most valuable start-up. That should be due to the sizeable app portfolio of the company. Above all, the social media platform Tik Tok is very popular in Asia and the USA. But in Europe, too, their triumphal march begins.

The group also owns the slack-like app Lark, which can be used for communication in the office. And then there is the instant messenger Feiliao and the news serviceJinri Toutiao.

Bytedance does not have enough. The start-up obviously wants to make a big step into the hardware industry.

Bytedance works on his own smartphone

The business newspaperFinancial TimesAccording to insiders, the company is currently developing its own smartphone. According to this, Bytedance also wants to launch the device with its own preinstalled appsincluding Tik Tok, Jinri Toutiao and more.

To the rumors, the start-up wanted loudFinancial TimesHowever, the report says that Bytedance has already acquired a number of patents from Chinese equipment manufacturer Smartisan and has hired several new employees.

Own music streaming service planned for emerging markets

At the same time, Bytedance wants to establish a new music streaming service with its own smartphone.

He should, according to the New York news agencyBloombergappear in emerging markets. These are the regions where Spotify and Apple Music have not yet split the market among themselves.

Further information is not available yetFinancial TimesHowever, Bytedance CEO Zhang Yiming has been dreaming of having his own smartphone on which all his apps are preloaded.

Does the smartphone even have potential?

In the past, Facebook and Google had already failed with their own smartphones and pre-installed apps. TheFinancial TimesTherefore, the market opportunities are rather skeptical. Finally, it would be possible without problems to load the Bytedance apps on other phones as well.

It seems that according to current information, the smartphone will not be particularly interesting for us. However, the idea should not be underestimated: after all, the Chinese have already proven with Tik Tok that they can tap new target groups pretty well.

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