Digital Wellbeing at Tik Tok: Control features for users and parents

We spend too much time on the smartphone. This is negative for social networks. That’s why they are increasingly worried about their users. The keyword is Digital Wellbeing. To protect users’ health, Tik Tok now introduces protection mechanisms.

We lie in bed or on the sofa and pick up our smartphone. Probably we had a goal at the beginning. But at some point we start to scroll indiscriminately through the social media. That’s basically not bad.

With Digital Wellbeing for more attention

Sometimes we need that distraction, and sometimes the content on Facebook and Co. really makes us happy. Often, however, we also lose ourselves in the newsfeeds. From a few minutes will be half an hour without us noticing.

Whether we become happier or sadder through time on social networks has not yet been finally proven. For both theories there are conclusive studies. Nevertheless, it is not in the interest of the platform operator that smartphone addiction falls back on them.

That is why there has been a trend towards digital wellbeing for some months now. In other words: Facebook, Google, Apple and Co. want to make us aware of how much time we spend on the social web and on the smartphone every day.

That’s how you limit your screen time at Tik Tok

For a short time now also has the hip social video app Tik Tok on a program around Digital Wellbeing.

Users can set within the app, how long the app is available to them daily. You can choose from 40, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. After expiration of the respective time, the application is locked. Only by re-entering the password you can continue to use Tik Tok.

To enable the protection feature on Tik Tok, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and click on theProfile Iconin the right bottom corner.
  2. Now click on the button in the upper right cornerthree horizontal points.
  3. Click in the area “General“The rider”Digital Wellbeing” on.
  4. Choose now “Screen time management” out.
  5. Set the time limit and press to finish “Enable screen time management” on.

The feature is especially interesting for parents. After all, in this way they can really effectively reduce their children’s screen time. The condition is, of course, that the offspring does not know the password.

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