7 Tips for a Successful Facebook Group

With over ten million interactions per month, Real Mamas is one of the most successful Facebook communities in the Republic. Co-founder Sara Urbainczyk has revealed seven tips on the online marketing rock stars, with which also your Facebook group will be successful.

That Facebook groups are more than just a (mostly) private place of exchange should now be known. Nevertheless, both publishers and marketing executives often misjudge the appeal and power of communities for their own services and products.

One reason for this could be that it’s not easy to build a strong and active Facebook group. It takes a lot of time, commitment and more than just a (self) promotional interest. Because users in groups notice very quickly, if the operator is only interested in selling products.

Facebook community building made in Germany

But if you can build a Facebook group with a strong community, there is hardly a more powerful tool in the digital world. An example of this is Real Moms. Behind it hides a large Facebook community in which pregnant women and mothers can exchange views in a protected atmosphere.

The 524,000 Facebook fans and 110,000 Instagram followers generate over ten million interactions each month. Ascending trend. In addition, there are more than 120,000 members in over 120 Facebook groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

At this year’s Online Marketing Rockstars co-founder Sara Urbainczyk also showed that growth knows no end. Each month, the number of members grows by about 20 percent.

7 Tips for a Successful Facebook Group

So it’s no wonder that the Hamburg founders are allowed to participate in the official Facebook Community Leadership Program. You know how to build a successful Facebook group. In order for you to succeed, Sara Urbainczyk has worked out seven universal tips in her presentation.

1. Passion instead of coercion

“Do not do it because you think you have to, but because you have a passion!” This is the first tip from Sara Urbainczyk for your Facebook group.

You will only be successful if you are burning for the topic. A purely economic interest is not enough. That’s why you start at the start of a closed group and look for a topic that suits you. Also niche topics are no problem.

2. Be active yourself!

For some time, Facebook has been offering companies the opportunity to post in Facebook groups as well. However, it works much better if you act as a private person and send personal posts.

3. Let the name speak for you

The name of your Facebook group should make you think twice about what it’s all about. Cryptic constructions or word games may seem funny or thoughtful. But Facebook search is about being found on a particular topic. Therefore, choose the name wisely.

4. Do not let everyone in!

For a Facebook group to succeed, it is crucial that the right members are involved. Anyone who accepts each user may grow faster. However, this also significantly reduces the quality of the community.

For the founders of Real Mamas this means for example:

  1. No men
  2. Only profiles that exist for more than three months
  3. Only profiles of individuals with real names

As a result, Sara Urbainczyk and her colleagues refuse almost every fourth request every month. But quality goes before quantity.

5. Invite users through your Facebook page

Of course, if you already have a large Facebook page, you can use it as a lever. For example, pages can be linked to Facebook groups and promoted via call-to-action buttons. The resulting effect is helpful for any Facebook group.

6. Get help!

It is impossible to manage a Facebook group on a certain size alone. Good community management is crucial and therefore very time consuming. Already the control of the accession requests is partly a full-time job.

However, those who have taken the trouble to set up a high-quality Facebook group will often find something within the community. Often there are committed members who like to take on a moderator function.

For them to act according to your guidelines, you should prepare a manual with the most important rules. You can also give something back to your volunteers via offline meetings, for example.

Incidentally, Sara Urbainczyk advises in the organization on the classic chat, on the messenger group or – how could it be otherwise – on the Facebook group.

7. Establish clear rules

The last tip for a successful Facebook group has already been mentioned several times. To guarantee the quality of the members and the discussions, you need clear rules. What is allowed? Which topics are taboo? When will users be excluded and who will be included?

Without a clear guide, your Facebook group will quickly degenerate into an unsightly place.

Do you have a successful Facebook group? How do you ensure order within the community? You are welcome to leave us a comment. We look forward to the exchange.

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