“Getting into PR”: A review of the workbook by Meike Neitz

Communication and press relations: These two areas are still very popular with graduates and young professionals. But getting started is not always easy. To remedy Meike Neitz wants to create with “entry into the PR”. Will that succeed? A review.

Whether in the classic journalism, in the press work of a company or in the communication in the social web: Without practical experience the entry into the communication world is not necessarily easy.

Too different are the requirements. Approaches, tools and platforms are changing too fast. But some things remain the same: The basics of communication are – although the external appearance changed – often even with “earlier” comparable.

200 pages, 20 chapters: endless tips

Is it even possible in this situation to write a book on the subject of “Getting started in PR”? Communication expert Meike Neitz has taken on this challenge. The result is a nearly 200 pages thick workbook *.

The book was published by Mitp-Verlag and has a very small structure. This affects the reader looking at the table of contents, after much laborious detail work.

But even at the beginning and after the first few chapters it is clear: This division has its meaning. It does not break artificially into sub-areas, but offers suitable nibble to implement.

A call to become active

Because that’s the point. “Getting into PR” is not a classic textbook. Rather, it takes the reader by the hand and leads him briefly into the world of communication. Let’s start with the theoretical basics – SWOT analysis, visual language and Co.

Afterwards it goes natheless into practice. How do I contact journalists? How can I use social networks for this? What information do journalists really need and when is a press conference still useful? Meike Neitz clarifies this and many other questions in her book.

Especially helpful for beginners: In almost every chapter there are tasks, checklists to check off or tips. This means that the reader should actively deal with the “teaching material”.

Task: Consider, based on the suggestions given above, what communication goals your company is pursuing. Also discuss this with the management to make sure that you are on the same wavelength.

At eye level with the readership

Anyone who reads the quote states: The reader is being protected by Meike Neitz. The result is that the tips and advice are even better, because it does not artificially create a distance through language barriers.

Also positive: The author also discusses recurrent problems – keyword justification for PR work or personal branding – in “Getting Started in PR”. Thus, she shows that it is no longer just about sending in press work.

Communicators must and should be visible and responsive as brands in the (social) web, as the directors and companies they represent. A communicator who does not communicate actively does not know all the necessary tricks.

Conclusion on “getting started in PR”

The book by Meike Neitz leaves almost no points of criticism. The writing style is relaxed, refreshing and personal. The practice examples, tools and (Excel) tables help immediately and make it much easier to get started.

Of course, it is not possible to cover all facets of communication on almost 200 pages. But there are other books and further reading.

If you are looking for a hands-on book to enter the world of (digital) communication, you will be completely happy with “Getting Started in PR”.

Introduction to PR - The Workbook: Step by Step to Successful Press Relations ...

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