Yescapa in Bordeaux: This is how the camper-sharing platform works

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Camper sharing is a huge trend. According to the Airbnb principle, owners of caravans and mobile homes give their vehicles digitally to other users. One of the leading platforms is Yescapa. We throw in theLocation portrait behind the scenes.

Sharing is caring. But sharing – from bike sharing to boardsharing to carsharing – is also a business model. Because so that users can share their items or means of transport, they need an intermediary. That’s exactly where platforms like Airbnb or Blablacar make their money.

One of the latest sharing trends is camper sharing. Because caravans and motorhomes are expensive to buy and are used by owners only a few weeks a year. Therefore, more and more RV owners rent their vehicles via camper-sharing platforms on the Internet.

Yescapa is one of them.

Visiting Yescapa in Bordeaux

The start-up was launched in 2012 by Benot Panel and Adrien Pinson. The French city of Bordeaux has been the company’s headquarters ever since. In the international team around 40 employees from nine different countries work for the high season.

In today’s location portrait we take you on a tour of the premises of Yescapa.

Female staff on laptop Yescapa office Bordeaux

The office is located in a former embassy building. This explains the stylish ornaments and unusual work spaces. (Photo: Company)

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