Storyline: This is how Spotify integrates the story format

Spotify is currently testing its own story variant: Storyline is based on Instagram, Facebook and Co. This can soon turn the Swedish streaming service into a kind of social network.

Music streaming services always want to offer their users more than just high-quality music. Spotify is among those with numerous podcasts and the function “Behind The Lyrics” at the front. The latter feature shows the user background information about songs and albums.

With the self-developed story format Storyline, the Swedish streaming service is now taking the next step. Bands and artists should use the feature to shed light on the backgrounds of their songs.

This is visually appealing with photos and short clips. We already know the style from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Artists themselves are responsible for storyline content

Unlike “Behind The Lyrics”, the background information for the currently playing song does not come from the third-party Genius. The artists deliver their content themselves.

This can be genesis stories of music, anecdotes from the studio, funny fun facts about the band itself or just lyrics.

Storyline is still in the testing phase

So far, artists or their management can not upload storyline content themselves. But Spotify has already begun to provide the function of a small test group. For example, American songwriter Billie Elish uses the new feature for a few of her songs.

Who plays the music on the smartphone, see a note at the bottom of the screen. You wipe up to see the story. At the top, the user can see how many items are left.

To move forward in the story and skip parts, simply type on the screen. Just like Instagram or Facebook.

Spotify as a social network

The advantage behind Storyline is clear: The story feature can make users more active in using the music streaming app by clicking through the stories while listening to music.

As a result, Spotify can become a kind of social network that not only pays musicians for their songs. Exclusive content and additional features keep users longer in the app.

It is also fitting that Spotify would like to rely even more on in-house productions. Only a few months ago, the Swedes had bought the podcast producers Gimlet and Anchor for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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