Instagram Creator Profile: All important information about the new Instagram profile

Instagram has released a new profile type: Since mid-Maycan reach high-reach users to the so-called Creator Profile. Which functions are there and whether a change is worthwhile for you, we explain to you.

First and foremost, the Creator Profile is of interest to those who have a private or business Instagram account and more than 10,000 followers. These include, above all, public figures, artists and influencers. This is evident from the official information.

What features does the Instagram Creator Profile provide?

The new profile type differs only slightly from the already existing business account. The biggest change is the follower development statistics. Users with a Creator Profile can see how many followers they lost and won each day.

In the settings you can also limit the contact and determine who is allowed to write to one and on which way the communication takes place.

This is especially helpful for profiles with a large fan base that do not want to be bombarded daily with news and inquiries. However, the corresponding option to contact must be proactively activated by the account operator.

It is also possible to sort messages by priority or relevance. For the first time, communication can be managed on its own – a blessing for high-reach users.

In addition, Creator Profile has no obligation to associate it with a Facebook page. Nevertheless, the user must specify a profile category. He can hide them, however.

Shopping with creators

Facebook has already announced the function “Shop from Creator” at this year’s developer conference F8. In the future, followers will be able to buy profiles directly via a creator, which they can see in the pictures.

This is especially useful for influencers who want to collaborate with brands and generate sales. The checkout process itself also takes place in the app. This was previously reserved only for companies.

Exclusive access to the Instagram Creator Studio

With a Creator Profile, digital opinion makers also have exclusive access to the Instagram Creator Studio Dashboard within the Facebook Creator Studio app. There, the platform offers additional information designed especially for influencers.

Among other things, the dashboard lists all the content that has already been played over an account in the past, ie pictures, videos, picture galleries, stories and IGTV contributions. In addition, there are daily and weekly statistics.

In the fields of “Activity” and “audience“You can see a summary of the activities of the last days and the matching insights to the demographics of the followers.

In addition, the Creator Studio allows for the first time direct insights into follow and unfollow statistics. This was previously only possible via third-party apps.

Is the change worthwhile?

Whether a change makes sense depends on the purpose of the respective profile. With the new profile type, Instagram would like to give new tools to influencers and probably also to clear up the rumor that the scope of posts and stories in business profiles is limited.

The classic business profile is therefore still recommended for companies. The new Instagram Creator profiles are more suitable for influencers.

If Instagram has already asked you to start a new App Creator if you would like to switch to a Creator Profile, it can be found under the menu item “account“In the settings quite easy to do.

If your Facebook page and your Instagram account are linked together, you can also immediately add the Creator Studio. As the feature is currently in roll-out, you may need to be patient.

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