Two rules for productive management meetings at Amazon

Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful founders and managers in the world. To keep his time in management meetings at Amazon unnecessarily wasted, he has set two rules for productive meetings.

With just under 650,000 employees, Amazon is one of the largest employers in the world. At the top of the group is after more than 25 years still founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos is probably undoubtedly one of the most successful managers of our time.

The success of the Amazon founder and now the richest man in the world is to a certain extent also in his guidelines and motives. For example, there are three questions that Jeff Bezos asks each applicant to go to Amazon.

Two rules for productive management meetings at Amazon

And also for the meeting culture at Amazon Jeff Bezos has set two rules. These should make the joint meetings more productive, the participants waste less time in unnecessary discussions, and in the end all participants work more effectively.

That most meetings are a big time killer, probably know most of the staff. Unprepared participants delay the processes and ensure that the discussions drift off into irrelevant areas. And especially when the Amazon founder himself participates in a meeting, this is particularly annoying.

1. The two-pizzas rule

The first of the two rules refers to the group size. According to Bezos, the group should be so big that two pizzas are enough to fill everyone up. This was stated by the Amazon boss on a podium discussion in 2018.

2. The common reading lesson

The second rule concerns the course of the meeting itself. For each management meeting with Bezos, there is a multi-page transcript. This serves as a guide and introduces you to the later topic of conversation.

Unlike other companies, however, this document is not sent in advance to all participants. At Amazon, all meeting participants read the text together in peace at the beginning. As a result, everyone is on the same level and no one can only pretend that he has informed himself in advance.

The latter variant might well be known to one or the other from school. Even Jeff Bezos does not blame his managers for not reading any lyrics in advance. After all, they have a lot to do. With his two rules, he skilfully avoids the problem and makes more productive meetings at the management level.

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