Google keywords in February: These were the most expensive Google keywords in marketing and tech

28When Google wants to rank well with his ads, must sometimes put a lot of money on the table. But how expensive are the areas of online marketing, e-commerce, technology and social media in Germany? In cooperation with Semrush we present the most expensive Google keywords of the tech industry of the past month. The results for February 2019.

Despite the big competition from Facebook, for many companies Google is still the most relevant marketing platform. If you place your ads on top of Google, you’ll usually get a lot of attention.

In return, the responsible marketing managers sometimes have to dig deep into their pockets to land in the first position.

Particularly hard-fought are the paid front placements at Google in the areas of online marketing, social media, technology and e-commerce.

The most expensive Google keywords in February 2019

But which search queries are Google ads especially expensive for? We’ll tell you. In cooperation with the marketing tool provider Semrush, we present to you each month the average of ten most expensive Google keywords from the four sectors mentioned above for the German Google search.

These are the results for February 2019.

The 10 most expensive online marketing keywords

Like almost all categories examined, the online marketing sector has also become a little more expensive at the start of the new year. The most expensive search term is “Adwords optimization” with costs of 32.78 euros.

In second place follows “Customer Management System” with 31.29 Euro before “Email Marketing Software” with 27.08 Euro. This costs the entire podium compared to the previous month more than three euros more.

The 10 most expensive social media keywords

This rubric experienced a veritable drop in its prices in February. In January, with 29.66 euros “Social Media Monitoring Agency” the most expensive keyword, marketers only had to fork out 16.69 euros for “Social Media Analysis”.

This is followed by the keywords “Social Media Reporting Tool” with 14.54 euros and “Free Social Media Monitoring Tools” with as much as 11.86 euros. In the sum of the three most expensive keywords, prices fell by more than 28 euros compared to last January.

The 10 most expensive technology keywords

Also last February, the technology sector produced the most expensive tech keyword. Although prices have plummeted (“Cloud Service Broker” ranked first with € 50.10 last month), “Security Cloud Computing” was the most expensive keyword ever (€ 34.16).

Second and third place are followed by “Business Intelligence Wiki” (23.85 euros) and “Business Intelligence vs Business Analysis” (19.71 euros).

The 10 most expensive ecommerce keywords

Compared to the previous month, the e-commerce category has risen slightly in price. For the most expensive e-commerce keyword “Magento agency” marketers paid on average 26.64 euros, more than three euros more than last January.

Second place went to the keyword “Typo3 Agentur”, which was at the top of the podium last month. In February it cost 23.62 euros, last January 25.26 euros. The third place in the e-commerce ranking goes to last month, “Shopware agency” with a cost of 21.99 euros.

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