10 Instagram hotels that guarantee the perfect Instagram image

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The “instagrammability” of a hotel is increasingly important to many holidaymakers. Finally, they want to impress their followers with their travel photos. But which Instagram hotels guarantee the most extraordinary pictures? We present you the top ten.

Previously you sent postcards from your travels, today you post the best travel photos on Instagram. No wonder that especially young travelers therefore pay attention to the instagrammability of their travel destinations.

Instagrammer love these ten Instagram hotels

As the online travel portal Travelcircus found out, 40 percent of travelers between the ages of 18 and 33 look for their hotel based on how good it looks on Instagram.

But which Instagram hotels are among the favorites? Travelcircus has compiled a top ten of the world’s best Instagram hotels. We introduce you to the winners in our weekly ranking.

10. 25Hours Bikini, Berlin

The 25Hours hotels are characterized by their unusual design. Although 25Hours is actually a hotel chain, no accommodation looks like the other one. Of course, that’s what Instagrammer appreciate. Because they know: For a fancy photo these hotels are perfect!

25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Reception Trabbi with bicycles

(Photo: Stephan Lemke)

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