Dark Mode on Slack: How to activate it in the app

More and more apps are discovering dark fashion for themselves. It protects both eyes and battery of the smartphone. Now also users of the collaboration tool Slack can activate the Dark Mode. We’ll explain what you need to do for it.

The dark fashion is very popular. After activating the dark mode via an Easter Egg in Facebook Messenger – Twitter has been offering it for some time – the team player app Slack is also waiting for it.

Again, the default white background color is replaced by a dark gray or black. The writing within the chats appears in a pleasant white.

Why the dark fashion is so pleasant

For us users, the Dark Mode brings with Slack considerable advantages. Instead of straining your eyes in the evening with little to no light, using the app in these conditions is very pleasant.

Slack Dark Fashion, Slack, Dark Fashion

This is what the app looks like when Dark Mode is activated.

If you want to check the chats for new messages in the evening, this will be more relaxed. Even in the morning you will no longer be dazzled by bright colors.

But not only your eyes benefit from the dark fashion at Slack. Also the battery of your smartphone or tablet will thank you.

This is how you set the Dark Mode on Slack

After the current update to version 19.3.1 you can activate the dark slack paint in your mobile app for both iOS and Android.

And this is how it works:

  1. You open the Slack app and click on thethree round pointe top right next to the magnifying glass.
  2. Now a menu opens. Click on the last menu itemsettings.
  3. Now you scroll down until you reach the sub-item “Dark fashion“Reach.
  4. Now a pop-up will appear, indicating that the app restarts when switching to dark mode. Click here “Continue” on.
  5. After reopening your Slack app will switch to Dark Mode.

Unfortunately, you can not regulate the intensity of Dark Mode yourself. Likewise, the time period in which the dark paint is activated, can not be adjusted. Of course, when these features come up we will update this article.

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