Your hoster as a quality seal – that’s how it works

SSL-encryption, Trusted-Shops-Certificates, secure payments via PayPal, TV-Seal and much more are intended to provide security and reliability to website visitors. Operators of these websites put a lot of work into these tips, but sometimes overlook the useful offers of their hosting provider.

Can a hoster be a seal of quality? What is at first glance “only” a technical achievement in the background is becoming more and more relevant.

This is due to the growing interest in data protection. For many people, where data comes from and where they go – and, of course, what stops they put on their way – it matters a lot. 

Privacy: Where is my data?

Although technically possible, the following generally applies: A host abroad can not work with the same privacy standards as a local host.

In addition, the different data protection provisions in the various countries must be considered as well as the paths of the transferred data. Because payment information and addresses are easier to read when they make their way around half the world. 

If you have a hosting provider that operates its data center in Germany – such as Hoster Mittwald – you can use this information as an additional symbol of trust. This should be particularly valuable for online shops where a lot of data is requested.

“This website is hosted in Germany” stands for certain privacy standards and gives website visitors a positive feeling. 

When it comes to security, people are not just talking about how to handle data, but also about their protection. How well is the data center secured, in which the onlineshop, the payment and the address information lie?

Does the hoster offer certificates from independent auditors, such as the TV, and can these be interesting for your own website? Because everything that applies to security measures for the data center of the hoster should apply equally to their own website.

Use energy sources as a quality feature

Data centers consume a lot of energy. So the question of how this is gained is serious. Some hosting providers rely on electricity from solar panels or other environmentally friendly sources.

This can be important for website visitors in Germany, where they deal a lot with the topics of environmental protection and sustainability. A corresponding seal shows that people are concerned about the environment and act accordingly. 

Give customers a look behind the scenes

A certain amount of transparency is important because it creates trust. After all, customers want to know where their goods come from, how the shipping works, what they look like in offices and, most likely, which employees are responsible for what. The interest behind the scenes can be used to report about the hoster. 

Depending on the target group, customers worry little about the data center in which a company’s website is located. Explained but the benefits associated with such. As sustainable energy or high privacy standards, the topic is interesting.

Embedded in a blog article or as a post on a social media channel, even creates the opportunity to talk to customers.

Choose a good hosting provider early on

Hosters can be well used to inspire people in addition to an online shop or a website in general. But that only works if you have chosen a good hoster. Already in the search you should therefore look carefully if there are quality features that you can communicate to customers.

And if they cost a little more, the additional expenses can be worthwhile. Because sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference between a website visitor and a customer.

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