Instagram Suite: All the spontaneous photos are created in this penthouse

A good photo idea is no longer enough on Instagram. Real influencers have to stage their photos perfectly. A New York agency now offers them an ideal location: the Instagram Suite.

Instagram influencers do not have it easy. Every day they have to think of something new and creative for their product photos. A good idea for a beautiful motif is not enough for a long time.

Above all, who advertises lifestyle or beauty products, also needs the right environment. An appealing decoration that matches the “feel” of the shoot. Subtle colors that do not bite too much with the product. Perfect light for the right ambience.

To be honest, which apartment does it have? Therefore, the New York advertising agency Village Marketing has come up with a clever idea. It offers influencers the perfect Instagram suite!

220 square meters of pure “instagrammability”

On an area of 220 square meters, influencers will find everything the Instagrammer heart desires: a light-flooded kitchen, a cuddly sofa in the color “Millennial Pink” and a photogenic bed full of cushions.

The local influencers are excited!

In New York City in particular, it is very difficult for Instagrammer to find suitable locations for their photo shoots. The living space is scarce and expensive and the typical one-bedroom or shared apartment usually anything but Instagram-suitable.

Many influencers make their photos in smartly decorated furniture stores or rent a hotel room.

Vickie Segar, the founder of Village Marketing, has recognized this as a market niche. Your own apartment is not photogenic enough. Photo studios on the other hand are too sterile and hotel rooms too expensive. Furniture stores are not quiet enough. Segar offers influencers the “picture-perfect” penthouse.

An apartment that on the one hand looks lifelike enough that it can go through as “own apartment” and on the other hand, like a film set is built so that each photo succeeds perfectly.

So thought-out that it’s almost scary

Since nobody really lives here, it is always clean and tidy. Everything you can find here – from the cupcakes in the fridge to the open pillows on the bed – is carefully prepared before each shoot.

Every detail is so thought-out that it’s almost scary. The colors, predominantly gold, white, pink or apricot shades, are precisely tailored to the target group of millennials.

The distance between the bathtub and the door is exactly dimensioned so that you do not have to bend yourself when taking pictures.

The golden frame around the bed is specially designed so that – depending on the occasion – it can either be included in the picture or left out.

The books on the shelf were selected solely for their color. Here you have deliberately chosen matte colors that do not look as feminine as the rest of the apartment. This should make the photos look more striking.

In fact, almost exclusively female influencers use the penthouse and in Village Marketing work only female employees.

There is also the women’s power corner with the appropriate Emanzipationssprchen.

By the way, the penthouse also offers a roof terrace for outdoor shootings. Of course, the dcor is chosen so that you can stage pretty much anything by skillfully changing the furniture and plants, from an urban garden to a yoga studio to the family lounge.

The decor is from the design studio Wayfair. At some point, however, Village Marketing wants companies to pay for putting their furniture, decoration, or groceries in the Instagram suite.

After all, the many influencer posts with their decoration in the background lead to many valuable social media impressions. Thus, Village Marketing could cover the $ 15,000 monthly rent for the penthouse and the influencers could book the apartment for free.

Spontaneous photo? Not on Instagram!

Yes, all this may seem very staged and calculated. But it’s the logical next step for Instagram influencers. Village Marketing will certainly not be the only company capitalizing on it. But it is one of the first to bring the change of the platform so clearly to the point.

The social network, which once started as a DIY photo platform, has become more professional. Influencers do not post real snapshots on Instagram anymore. Their business is rather to sell an idealized form of reality.

Everything should look “spontaneous”, “real” and “natural”, but at the same time be perfect. For this almost impossible balancing act to succeed, influencers have to put a lot of work into their posts. What comes out in the end are photomontages – like a stylized still life of reality.

The photo of the spontaneous breakfast in bed?

It works like this with Instagram: First of all you make up your hair. Then you make your hair in the morning Wuschel look, choose the perfect morning outfit, makes the bed, drapes the pillows and makes the croissant and the coffee cup as Instagram-suitable as possible on the tray.

Because you have to be clear that it’s exactly these types of posts that encourage more engagement among users – not the greasy-haired photo, dirty dishes and coffee stains on the comforter.

The Instagram Suite: a place where you can do your job

Village Marketing does not necessarily blame it for giving the market what it needs.

Is not this a way of presenting users with such an “Instagram apartment”? Finally, very few in their posts write that they have not taken the photo in their own apartment.

Influencer and Adidas Ambassador Hannah Bronfman answered that in conversation with theNew York Timesvery sober: “Does Instagram create a false reality? Yes, to 1,000 percent. But for me, such a place does not mean that you pretend that your life is something that it really is not. It’s just that you have a place where you can do your job. “

Thus, the Instagram suite also reflects the change in the platform. Influencers are no longer private individuals posting their personal recordings. They have a job and their photos are hard work. For that, like everyone else, they need a decent job.

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