Instagram story viewers: This is how the sequence is created

The Instagram stories are a wonderful stalking tool. In the statistics you can see immediately who looked at your posts and who did not. But how does the sorting of your Instagram story viewers actually come about? An Instagram manager clarifies.

Although no one in the public would probably admit it, we are all very curious about who consumed our social media content through which channel.

So it’s not surprising that Instagram is no exception. For some months, even without a business account, the image platform offers the option to see who has looked at their own stories.

When looking at the Instagram story viewers, one or the other user has already wondered how the sorting of the Instagram story viewers comes about.

These factors affect the order of Instagram story viewers

For a long time, it was rumored in the extended Instagram community that the accounts in the overview seemed to be at the top, interacting with the creator of the story – be it directly through comments and likes, or indirectly via profile visits.

But does this myth correspond to the truth? The answer to this is provided by Julian Gutman in an interview with the US industry magazineThe Verge, He is the Product Lead for Instagram Home responsible for the stories and feed of the Imaging Network. That’s why he knows the background.

His answer should meanwhile surprise many users and experts. It’s not the people who interact a lot with you that appear as the first Instagram story viewers above, but the people you interact with.

If you review a lot of someone’s pictures, visit her profile frequently, send direct messages, or be friends with her on Facebook, Instagram shows that you’re interested in that person.

That’s why their profile appears higher up in the list of Instagram Story viewers. In addition, you will also find that the posts of this person are also found in your feed further up.

So if you want to know which accounts you’re interacting with a lot, you’ll find what you’re looking for in your story viewer list.

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