Google shortcuts for Chrome make your everyday work easier

In everyday working life, it usually has to be fast. But navigating the browser with mouse and keyboard can be a time hog. Luckily, there are shortcuts that make working life easier. These are the most useful Google shortcuts for Chrome.

How about navigating lightning fast in Google Chrome and literally using key features with the touch of a button? That’s exactly what works – with a little practice.

Chrome’s Google Shortcuts let you navigate your browser quickly and easily. This speeds up many routine tasks and improves your time management.

The post contains a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Choose the most important combinations for you. You can ignore all other Google shortcuts.

Many helpful Google shortcuts for Chrome on Mac and Windows

The following keyboard shortcuts are only available for Google Chrome. They work on both the Windows PC and the Mac.

1. Open a new tab

To open a new tab, you hold the MacCommand key(cmd) and pressT, With the PC you hold thecontrol key(Ctrl) and you press on theT button.

2. Close the current tab

To shoot the current tab, you do not have to go around awkwardly with the mouse. It’s enough if you’re on the Maccmd keyhold down and thenWselecting. On the PC is the key combinationCtrl + W.

3. Open the last closed tab again

If you have too hastily closed a tab, it can easily reopen. Choose the Mac on thecmdandShift keyand then pressT, With the PC you put the tab withCtrl, Shiftand Tcome back.

4. Look at the next tab

You do not have to drag your mouse to the top of your browser to navigate to the next tab. Hold the key combinationcmd + old / optionpressed and select with theright arrow keythe next tab. With the PC you hold theControl keyand squeeze thattab.

5. Look at the previous tab

With a similar combination you can call the previous tabs. With the Mac, you hold the keyscmd + old / optionfirmly and uses theleft arrow keyto navigate back. With the PC you use the combinationCtrland9.

6. Open a tab of your choice

If you want to switch to a specific tab, you can use theCommand keyand the correspondingnumber– here the numbers one to eight work – switch to the desired tab. For the PC you pressCtrland the desired onenumber.

7. Open the page linked in the text

When reading a text, you sometimes come across one or the other interesting link. You can open it in a new tab by clickingCommandhold down and click on it. On the PC, opening the link works by pressingCtrlpress and click on the link.

8. Open the linked page in a new window

If you want to open the link in the text in a new window, you choose instead of cmd or ctrl theshiftand click on the link – this is true for both PC and Mac.

9. Place the cursor in the search bar

If you do not want to drag your mouse into the search bar, you can join the Maccmd + Lmove your cursor quickly into the search. PC users choose the key combinationCtrl + L.

10. Delete the current search query

You entered the wrong search? No problem. Hold theControl keypressed and then chooseBackspace, This allows PC users to delete the search query. Press Mac userscmd + the delete key(Delete).

11. Mark the next or previous word in the search

If you want to edit or delete the next or previous word in your search, you need to be a Mac userShiftandold / optionkeep pressed down. With theleftorright arrow keycan you then choose the word? PC users hold theCtrl-buttone are pressed and also serve thearrow keys.

12. Reload the current page

Sometimes a web page can freeze in the browser. Withcmd + Ryou reload the page in the Mac. On the PC you useCtrl + R.

13. Open the search bar

Are you looking for a particular term or keyword on a website? Then presscmd + F, Type in what you are looking for. On the PC you chooseCtrl + F.

14. Save the current page as a bookmark

If you want to save articles for a search, the selection of the bookmark function can be cumbersome. Withcmd + dQuickly bookmark the article on the Mac. On the PC you stopCtrland pushD.

15. Open the page with the settings

If you want to activate an extension, you press thecmd keyand choose thecomma keyout. Unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut on the PC.

16. Open the page with the downloads

If you want to quickly edit downloaded content, keep thatcmdandShift keypressed and select as wellJ, Choose PC usersCtrl + Jout.

17. Open a new window

Too many tabs in a window and you do not want to add more tabs? Withcmd + Nyou open a new window on the Mac. On the PC withCtrl + N.

18. Drag the tab from the current window to open it in a new window

This trick is not really a shortcut. But if you want to focus on a specific tab, then you select the tab and drag it out the window.

19. Close the current window

When you’re done with work, the windows close with a simple twist. Hold on the Maccmd + shiftpressed and selectW, With the PC you holdCtrl + Shiftand chooseW.

20. Scroll down the website

To get to the bottom of a web page, press on PC and Mac once on thespace bar.

21. Quit Google Chrome

You want to quit Google Chrome? Then presscmd + Qon the Mac andCtrl + Shift + Qon the PC.

22. Change to the last tab

If you have too many tabs open and want to go to the last tab, you chooseCommandand the number9, With the PC you pressCtrl + 9.

Google shortcuts for Chrome make your everyday work easier

You will only need a few minutes to learn the shortcuts that are important to you. If you spend most of your work online, using these keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time – even if you have to invest a few minutes to learn.

Which Google Shortcuts do you use most often? Did we forget your favorite shortcut?

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