Twttr: Users support Twitter in developing a new app

The short message service Twitter tests new functions and involves users directly in the development process. To try out new features, the prototype app Twttr has now gone online. An interesting feature that immediately catches the eye: the color-coded response fields.

Back to the roots: Twitter was once called Twttr and uses that name for a test environment to bring its users a better app experience later on.

As Techcrunchnun reports, the short message service of its prototype app undergoes an extensive test. The focus is first on the conversations: for many users, conversations involving multiple users are very confusing.

More clarity, clear design, better user experience

Now you want to counteract here with a new format and clearer design. The answer bubbles get a rounder chat form within Twittr than before and are shown indented accordingly.

So it should be easier to follow interesting conversations. It is possible to create “sub-threads”.

To aid clarity, the engagement statistics (number of likes and retweets) are hidden. Likewise the participants of the conversation are marked in color.

Users had to apply

But not every Twitter user can enjoy belonging to the circle of testers. Currently mainly English and Japanese speaking users can test Twttr.

On the website of Twitter users can still apply as developers. The tester will then receive an acceptance or rejection by e-mail.

In the latter case, the user can download the Twittr app and uses it instead of the normal Twitter app. Under the hashtag # LetsHaveAConvo the user can then share his own experience with the tester community and display his notes via screenshots.

Twitter works consistently on the optimal conversation

That Twitter continues to strive to improve the communication of its users, is quite positive. The fact that the community actively participates in the development process via Twttr pays off on the company image.

We can be curious if Twitter manages to prevent the ubiquitous trolling in the conversation of its users. This will probably be possible in the future with the latest development of a “Tweet hide” button.

Similarly, in the sense of goal-oriented communication, it will be possible to highlight comments on Twitter. So it will be easier to respond to relevant and useful answers.

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