Why no is usually not an acceptable answer

You hear this word everywhere. It starts with the parents, it continues in school and in professional life or when starting a business, it always comes back: No- it does not work that way. My tip: Do not just accept this word!

An own experience

I still remember it well. When I wanted to open my law office in Wrzburg, I talked to a few friends – who were not lawyers – and to local lawyers. The answer I received was always the same: in Wrzburg you should not open another law firm.

The reason: Wrzburg has one of the highest legal density in Germany in terms of population. There are already enough lawyers and I would add that I was employed and therefore had to set up my own law firm “.

I admit: I always did not understand this correctly. For one thing, I did not just want to open the next law firm in Wrzburg, but one with a focus on business law – especially corporate law and contract design.

For such a law firm there were and may only be three or four competitors. These were pretty well established, of course. I had to admit that.

On the other hand, I also had a plan how I wanted to promote my law firm. Among them were a few ideas unusual for Wrzburg like a cinema advertisement. In my opinion, it was not so problematic to open a law office in Wrzburg. I decided not to accept no as an answer.

As a result, my law firm has been around for a good ten years now and has made a name for itself in certain fields of activity. This is fortunately even beyond Wrzburg.

Why people say no

Now, of course, there is a question: why is it said so many times?

After what I have experienced, this is a special feature in Germany. We are skeptical about something new and more risky. Unfortunately I do not know exactly where it comes from and why it still is.

Taking into account how well our country and the people who live in Germany, is currently, it is even harder to understand.

But at the very least, I can say that as part of my presidency of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, and through my overseas and study visits to the United Kingdom and the United States, but also to Canada, Mexico and China, I have not experienced it.

It’s also easier to reject an idea first. It strikes me again and again how little those who reject an idea, even deal with this properly. When I started my law firm, I had a plan for marketing and I knew the market.

At the time nobody was really interested in that. On the contrary, everyone immediately rushed to found a law firm. Such law firms “would already abound in Wrzburg.”

Do not just accept a no

Therefore, I can call you out of my own experience, not simply accepting a no. No is often said because your counterpart has not dealt with your concern. A no is often spoken unnecessarily.

Sometimes you also hear it because you have asked the wrong questions or the right questions in the wrong form.

Always remember that a no is easy. Then the problem, your project or your question, is not there anymore. From the point of view of your counterpart this means: “Problem solved, and quite fast.”

In my experience, however, in most cases there is a way to solve the problem. Of course this requires a bit more effort than just saying no. Many do not want to do this effort.

Sometimes you just have to think around the corner or rarely admit that time is just not ripe for the problem – and therefore there is really no solution. But you probably find so many other ways to find a solution that the original problem does not matter.

It is important, of course, that you know why you are doing something. If you want to start a project, for example, a company, think twice about why you do it.

Only then can you explain to your counterpart why you are doing something. On the other hand, only in this way can you search for solutions purposefully. By the way, I recommend you my last two posts about goals and enthusiasm.

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