Most successful YouTube video: Despacito cracks next record

Already since 2017, the song “Despacito” is officially titled “Most successful YouTube video ever”. Less than two years later, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee hit a new all-time record on YouTube.

On January 12, 2017, the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi released his hit Despacito. He had produced this together with the also Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee together. Together, the two artists triggered a summer feeling in the deepest winter with their song about two years ago.

Next record for YouTube’s most successful video ever

Nevertheless, it was quite surprising for the artists, as well as for the entire music industry, how successful the song really is. Within just a few months Despacito broke all streaming records. Even in the year of release, the song earned the title of “Most successful YouTube video ever”.

In an interview withBASIC thinkingThe music and marketing expert Tim Stickelbrucks estimated the revenue from streaming and digital downloads already in October 2017 at more than 20 million euros. For example, all brand co-operations are not included in this calculation.

At that time, the video had nearly four billion views. In the meantime, Despacito has broken through the next magic barrier. As the first YouTube video, the cooperation of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee now comes to more than six billion views.

Tim Stickelbruck’s revenue from streaming and downloads is expected to have nearly doubled in the meantime. After all, even if many people can not hear it anymore, the song still plays in many radio stations and discos.

The records of Despacito

To the new record of Despacito YouTube has published some exciting numbers. According to the song generated in the peak times more than 25.7 million calls in just one day. Currently there are still 2.8 million views in just 24 hours.

For the first billion, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee needed only 97 days. Only Adele with “Hello” was a bit faster with 88 days. The brands of two (155 days), three (204 days) and four (272 days) billion views reached no other song so fast.

In general, Despacito rightfully carries the title of “Most Successful YouTube Video Ever”. Finally, the next competitor Ed Sheeran comes with his hit “Shape of You” to just 4.1 billion views.

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