Instagram Audience: How do I find the right followers for me?

How do I find my Instagram audience? This question arises every user and every company sooner or later. I’ll tell you how to identify and activate your audience using the hourglass strategy.

Most Instagram channels are bad. The reason for this is that companies and people try to present themselves there. What is lost is the one who should consume the content: the user. 

I’ll tell you the secret of how to make sure you build and operate an irresistible channel for the right people. Not on mass, but on quality! You’ll see your channel under a whole new light after this article. 

A lively community on Instagram means more interaction and deeper insights into the psycheyour follower, This is a huge competitive advantage for you and can help you develop new products. 

The path to a living community goes beyond a germ cell

Community building, scalable relationship management and co .: Whatever one calls the child: In the end, it’s about people. Like everything in life, you need a good start for a vibrant community on Instagram.

Because without community, there are no interactions. 

Without interactions, no relevance arises. 

And without relevance do you winno new followers. 

Well, there we have it, the hen-egg problem. What to do, if you still haveno followershave? How do you want to create interactions then?

When I was a molecular biologist, we regularly had agar plates and colonized bacterial colonies that we genetically modified. These agar plates – what you always see in Petri dishes in films – contain a nutrient medium on which the bacteria grow.

Then you put the bacteria on it. That means “inoculation”. Afterwards you can see them at the right temperature when growing.Well, the crux is just: The nutrient medium has to fit the bacterium. If it does not, the bacteria die and nothing is gained.

Followers are the same: you need to know who your channel is made for, so it’s interesting for your followers. 

Think around the corner

Your Petri dish is your Instagram feed and story. In order toyour followersWith you“Grow”, you have to equip the Petri dish with the right nutrient medium.

I recently had a conversation with a Kuends. He helps online stores to make more sales through Facebook ads – and very successfully.He told me that he wants to start on Instagram, but has no plan what he should post there. 

I explained to him that he has two options: 

  1. He only posts for shop owners. 
  2. He posts for people who want to have a shop and for those who have one. 

Addressing only shop owners could work for him. But that only makes him a fractionthe possible followerto reach. The second option allows him to be of interest to anyone who thinks about an online store.

You do not always have to try to reach your target audience directly. You can also play about gang. Dissolve a bit of the fact that you only use Instagram for the perfect target customer.

Sometimes it can be a lot easier. Maybe you can not mix the target groups so easily – students and leaders, for example? This problem helps youthe hourglass strategy. 

Find Your Instagram Audience: The Hourglass Strategy

How do you think dthe appropriate followersto you? That’s one of the questions I’m most likely to ask. The keyword is positioning. Who are you and for whom?

Good positioning determines your success on Instagram. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to the hourglass strategy today. With this strategy you will be able to find the people that suit you best.

In the future you will not have to worry about positioning anymore. Instead, you’ll magically put on the people you love best.The great thing about the strategy is that you do not have to bother your head in eternally long strategy sessions, but you can start today! 

Your perfect Instagram audience

The following strategy is powerful. She is so powerful that she transformed my business. I develop new business models based on them by thinking of my products “in target groups”. I do not like the term target group, but it is more common.

Actually, it’s about needs. So, to demand groups.If you know the needs of your Instagram audience and prepare the Petri dish for it, then settle downthe right followerson.

I was recently asked at an event: Dennis, how can I find my Instagram audience? Rene is responsible for the cold calling – which I have the deepest respect! Because cold calling is really an art. I would not be suitable for that.

Now Rene is at the point that he wants to start his own business. His goal is to help people overcome the fear of humans. I dare to do that to him right away, because you should not be scared of people when you’re cold-calling. 

When we spoke, he was unsure how to find the right Instagram audience: 

  • Students who are afraid to speak in front of the class? 
  • Workers who are afraid to conduct a salary negotiation? 
  • Singles who are afraid to address the opposite sex? 

What would you say:Which audience is the best? Honestly? Ihaveno idea.But I do not have to. Instead, I advised Rene to use the hourglass strategy:

  1. Spread the content widely
  2. Focus on a target audience
  3. Becoming an expert over time

The hourglass strategy in practice

So I recommended Rene to first of all make content for each target group – sometimes students, sometimes parents, sometimes employees and sometimes singles. Over time, he would see which content is best and, most importantly, to whom.

In the second step, he would then specialize in this target group. These can be singles, for example. Then it’s about getting known in this “scene”.

Over time, he would know the problems of this target group perfectly and thus be able to deliver even better content in the future. Even better content means even happier followers!

After entering the singles market, the third phase begins: he becomes broader again and presents himself as an expert on self-assurance. Then he is booked by events, invited to companies and schools and gives workshops for singles and new partners to find. 

The hourglass strategy takes out the tedious part of the theoretical positioning and gives you a practical means in hand. 

Inoculating the community

I have now explained to you how to prepare the Petri dish. In the next article, I’ll tell you a working method of how to make your community grow and set up the first “bacteria,” even though nobody knows you yet. 

A vibrant community is changing your business model. Because she will recommend you, trust you, ask you for advice and buy from you. The world is changing for us entrepreneurs if we have 100 or 1,000 true and loyal followers. 

How to do that, you will learn in the next article.

Tell me: Who is your target group on Instagram? And what is the most burning question?

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