The Alpha and Omega for Growing Online Shops: Scalability

Whether you are raising an online store as a team or an individual, it is clear that you depend on numerous applications and services. For example, you can hand-print customer invoices, but it makes a lot more sense and easier to use a powerful office application.

It is also feasible to program a shop yourself with the help of numerous books and webinars. However, working with an agency or freelancer would be more time-saving and perhaps even more cost-effective. If you want to grow in business, you should not only seek companions for the current situation, but also for the future – scalable solutions come into play.

There are a few examples that show just how hard it can be to grow as an online shop. So many an operator – maybe even her – will be able to tell of the complicated change from one shop system to another. Sometimes such strenuous steps are necessary. In some cases, they can be avoided.

Create a scalable environment

Working with scalable solutions makes it easier for you as an online shop operator to grow. So there are z. As shop systems that are modular and can be expanded if necessary to additional payment options and interfaces to shipping service providers.

That would make the mentioned change from one system to another superfluous. You will also find applications that run smoothly, regardless of whether 10 or 1000 bills are sent daily. Do you have such services at hand, you save yourself time and cost consuming growth processes. 

Of course, not everything is scalable. Thus, the manufacturer of a particular product can not always handle rising queries immediately. Likewise, agencies can be overwhelmed or exhausted with growing orders for product texts at some point.

The goal here should not be to make everything as scalable as possible. But where it is possible – such as hosting.

Scalable cloud hosting for growing web projects

There are many hosters and different tariffs in the market. But none are as flexible and scalable as cloud hosting. The best example is the new cloud hosting product from Mittwald: SPACES.

Here, the computing power and storage space of multiple servers are combined on a hosting platform. This intelligent platform controls the total capacity and then allocates it to the individual projects as needed.

Cloud hosting usually makes it relatively easy to add and remove services. Thanks to the so-called auto scaling, traffic peaks can be intercepted quickly and easily. On-line shops with seasonal goods have the opportunity to serve their customers well, without having to invest in expensive hardware throughout the year. 

The flexible expansion of services also plays into the cards, if your online shop wins over a longer period of time steadily in visitor numbers and perhaps functions.

While you have to change tariffs in traditional hosting and relocations between servers can cause potential complications, cloud hosting like SPACES is incredibly flexible and quickly scalable. Just a few clicks make more storage space or processing power available and usable. 

Scalability at the right time 

Depending on the chosen service, cloud hosting can be more expensive than the usual hosting. This is particularly noticeable in freshly started projects, where issues need to be scrutinized. So, if cloud hosting does not pay off in the beginning, that’s fine.

However, if you notice at a certain point that your online shop is growing steadily and generating more revenue, you should make the switch to cloud hosting sooner than (too) late. From then on, you and your agency will enjoy the full benefits of a scalable, flexible and individualized SPACES environment from Mittwald thanks to API’s own hosting environment.

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