Goodpatch in Berlin: Visiting the Office of the Japanese Design Agency

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Four years after its founding and for four more years now, Goodpatch has its headquarters in Berlin. In today’s location portrait, we’ll show you what it looks like behind the scenes of the Japanese design agency.

Naofumi Tsuchiya founded his first company in Tokyo in 2011. In the same year, the young adult ventured a big step for him: he left his native Japan for the first time in his life and moved to Silicon Valley.

After his work was done in California, Tsuchiya returned to Japan and founded the design agency Goodpatch. Since 2015, the founder and his company have also been represented in Germany.

Guest at the German headquarters of Goodpatch in Berlin

More than 30 employees from various departments now work at the Berlin location. The Japanese agency understands itself according to own statements as hybrid model between a classical agency and company founders.

But what about behind the scenes of this somewhat different agency? We’ll show you in our current location portrait.

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The Goodpatch office in Berlin is located in Oranienstrae 6 between the Kottbusser Tor and Grlitzer Park. (Photo: Company)

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