Community Summit: With BASIC thinking to Cologne [+ ticket raffle]

Premiere! On March 20, 2019, the first community summit takes place in Cologne.BASIC thinkingis official media partner. We are giving away two free tickets to our readers. We have for you all information about the topics covered and all speakers.

Social Media is saturated in many industries. The focus of many companies is more and more the direct exchange between customers and their own community. This is happening less and less often via Facebook, but more intensively through its own platforms and customer forums.

Although there are continuing education courses and certifications for the profession of social media manager. But the job description of the Community Manager comes too short.

Empathy and appropriate community management are therefore becoming increasingly important and decide on a “good” and “bad” communication with customers and partners.

For the organizers Tanja Laub and Stefan Evertz, this development has been decisive in proclaiming the first Community Summit in Cologne.

All information about the Community Summit in Cologne

The conference will focus on community management (social media / on-domain), community building, hate speech and crisis communication on the social web. The day before, there are also two seminars.

The event itself takes place onMarch 20, 2019at the zoo event inCologneinstead of. The program includes both seminars and lectures by a total of 15 speakers.

These include, for exampleAchim Brueck(Coordinator Community Management Europe, Daimler AG),Gesine Little Birch Stork(Assistant Digital Communication, Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance) andIsabelle Schtz(Community Manager, Allianz Deutschland AG).

For more information about the line-up, the program and the tickets, please visit the event website.

Interview with the organizers Tanja Laub and Stefan Evertz

Stefan Evertz

Stefan Evertz is a consultant for digital communication and advises companies and organizations around the topics of digital strategy, community management and social media monitoring. Likewise, in the past ten years he has organized or accompanied nearly 50 barcamps.

How did you come up with the idea of making the Community Summit an event with the focus on community management?

Stefan Evertz:Actually, that was already longer. Tanja and I deal in many areas with the field of work “digital communication” and also the job profiles. This also applies to our work at the Federal Association of Community Management (BVCM). Tanja is the first chairman. Among other things, I am the auditor and chairman of the audit committee.

It has been shown for some time that there are many further education offers, certifications and job offers on the subject of “Social Media Manager”. The second – and actually noticeable older – job description of the Community Manager comes in many places too short. In the training for Social Media Manager this field is usually scheduled with only one day.

Accordingly, there are many social media managers out there who are very good at the strategic part. This refers, for example, to the selection of channels. But especially with the operational everyday life – that means the actual dealing with the community and possible crises – they are hardly experienced and educated.

Who are you addressing with the conference? And which industries are treated in terms of content?

Tanja Laub:The Community Summit addresses Community Managers and Social Media Managers as well as PR Managers and Communications Experts.

The emphasis is certainly more on the advanced and professionals in the field. For beginners we offer the day before separate basic seminars. All in all, however, the Community Summit is about the constructive exchange of practitioners, enriched by impulses from proven experts.

We look forward to talks in the program from the insurance, automotive and government sectors. Many of the experiences can indeed be transferred to other industries.

The lifestyle sector also finds its place. This also applies to the increasingly important gaming industry supplemented by more fundamental topics such as hate speech, crisis communication and gamification.

What topics await us at the Community Summit?

Stefan Evertz:Of course, community management will be the focus – for both social media and on-domain (on their own platforms and customer forums).

Especially the latter will certainly continue to gain in importance in the foreseeable future. It’s also about hate speech and of course crisis communication. Not to be missed is the internal community management, which is becoming more and more important and important for medium and large companies.

Tanja Laub, Community Summit

Tanja Laub is a consultant and lecturer in digital communication. She advises companies in all aspects of social media and community management. She is chairman of the Federal Association Community Management.

The two keynotes by Heike Gallery and Dr. med. Kirsten Wagenaar will carry out a general classification from a German and international point of view. Of course, the often complex and therefore always somewhat unpopular legal part may not be missing. The focus will be on the on-domain area.

The program includes interactive workshops. What exactly can one imagine?

Stefan Evertz:Often workshops at conferences differ from the lectures only by the number of questions that can be asked afterwards. That was not enough for us. That’s why we’ve adopted the format of the interactive workshops used at individual conferences.

The participants discuss about 25 minutes while standing. Then they change the group. The individual theme tables are accompanied by experts who introduce the topic and moderate the exchange. However, the main focus is on the feedback and experiences of the group (s).

So there are similarities to the World Cafe format – especially as far as theme islands or theme tables are concerned. We will not fill in tablecloths here, but flipcharts. At the end, the central findings gathered by the groups will be presented shortly before the plenum.

This year will include interactive workshops on community building, community KPIs and the use of messengers and chatbots. In addition, we are pleased that the two conference partners Muuuh Next and also helped shape individual workshops.

Overall, however, remains open – as in a barcamp – in advance, to which results the groups come. Therefore, we are already very curious what the experts report in the end in plenary.

Topic Women’s share: The program for the Community Summit currently contains nine women and seven men. Was it important for you to have a balance?

Tanja Laub:This is definitely an important aspect for both of us and was very well possible with the planned topics. There are many competent and motivated women in this field of work who do not have to ask for a long time to get on a stage.

Our impression is even that in the field of community management in many places far more female than male people can be found. This also shows, for example, every year in October at the German class reunion – the Community Camp in Berlin.

Whether this has to do with the often more women attributed ability to communicate, others should decide. However, the proportion of women speakers should always be appropriate to the professional reality.

Why does the Community Summit take place in Cologne?

Tanja Laub:I’ve been rooted in Cologne for a long time. That was quite close. And Stefan was also there for a while and not least left his mark with the Bar Camp Kln. In addition to the proximity and the relation of the tour operator duo to the city, there was a second aspect.

Because it already shows that many of the established conferences around social media and digital communication are taking place in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. Cologne is not as on the list as it could possibly be.

Especially the sentence “Oh, finally not in Berlin” we have heard in recent times amazingly often. Anyway, Cologne is centrally located in the most densely populated state and is therefore easily accessible to many. That the summit from the logo reminds a little of the Cologne Cathedral, but is rather coincidence.

Thank you for the interview!

Raffle: Two free tickets to win the first Community Summit

Whose interest in this special event has now been awakened, can be happy. Because as a media partner raffledBASIC thinkingoverall among his readerstwo free ticketsfor the community summit.

All you have to do to enter the competition isleave a comment below this articlein which you explain why you should win. The two winners will be onFebruary 25, 2019 pulledandby emailinformed. We wish you much success!

If you do not want to rely on your luck, you can purchase different tickets in different categories under this link.

Closing date is Monday, 25th February 2019, 9am. The participation takes place under exclusion of the legal way. Each participant can only participate once. Only correctly filled in comments will be included in the selection process. The winner will be informed by e-mail. The prize will be forfeited after three weeks, if the winner can not be determined or if the winner does not contact the organizer of the competition (BASIC thinking GmbH) within three weeks after the announcement of the prize. All data of the other participants will be deleted after the end of the competition and will not be passed on to third parties or used for other purposes.

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