Local Marketing: This is how you can quickly build visibility with the right channels

An own website, Facebook,Instagramor an entry in the directory service? When it comes to,visibilityMany companies face a difficult decision to build. Which channels should they use to increase their own visibility? The Local for Business shows you what to look out for in the beginning to increase the visibility of your business.

Before you start with the channels, ask yourself who you want to reach. Who is your target audience? Because this can differ from channel to channel. Ask yourself what your client’s greatest challenge is, what goals he is personally pursuing, and what obstacles prevent him from achieving them. This will ensure that you later select channels that your target audience uses.

In the case of the canals, the general rule is: “The mix does it”. Because this way, your potential customer can select the channel with which he feels comfortable. Nevertheless, the choice of channels should always be in terms of own resources, the needs of the target group and the character of your company. Do not start with all the channels at the same time, but choose the one that works best for your business.

So that you get an overview of the common channels, here is an overview for you:

1. Website

It is no longer a secret: a website of its own is now just as much a part of the company as a telephone number or an e-mail address. Having your own website gives you the ability to control exactly what information is found about your business. First and foremost, the website should contain all the important information clients are looking for – such as: B. the opening hours and contact details. 

2. Facebook

A Facebook page for your business is quick and you can be found with just a few clicks in Germany’s largest social network. At first, it suffices that you file the most important company information. Again, you can specify how to reach and how your opening hours are. Then you should regularly fill Facebook with postings. This could be, for example, information about your products or services.

3rd Instagram

More and more companies recognize the potential of Instagram for their own marketing strategy. Here are clearly pictures and videos in the center. At first glance, Instagram does not seem very practical, as the use of high effort in the image creation is connected. However, there are more and more advertising opportunities for companies. In addition, Instagram is also increasingly used by customers to get information about companies and products.

4. Advertisement in The Local

Through an ad in Das rtliche, customers will find you faster. According to a study by GfK * 90.8 percent of Germans know the directory and 71 percent of them have ever searched for a company. Moreover, the creation of a digital entry in the directory of Das rtlich takes less than 15 minutes and can therefore be optimally integrated into the daily business routine.

When placing an ad in Das rtliche, it is first and foremost important to present the advantages of your company as clearly as possible, in order to inform interested parties in advance in the best possible way and thus to attract potential new customers.

Our tip: stay active! Always!

As you become visible and active across the different channels, the chance for your customers to see and communicate on the channels increases when they speak. For example, have a question. In addition, social media platforms give you the opportunity to explain, strengthen and promote your products and services.

All channels should be current and always maintained. Visibility and follower numbers on the channels will not rise rapidly immediately. It’s always worth working on these channels as the longer you go, the more you learn about your customers, the platforms and the different options to best represent your business online. 

For more tips on marketing and more detailed information on all channels and the digital presence of businesses, visit The Local Knowledge Page: www.dasoertliche.de/unternehmen.

* Source: GfK study on the use of directory media in 2018; Representative survey of 16,601 persons aged 16 and over, October 2018

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