Comment: Only do what inspires you!

Why are you doing something? If the answer is not, “Because I really want it,” you need to reconsider your commitment. This applies to founders, companies and many other areas of life. A commentary on the power of passion.

Find your passion!

For example, when you think about starting a business, the most important recommendation I can give you is to do something that you love, that means something to you, and that you are 100 percent convinced about.

Why? Because this project is a lot of work, it will be challenging and there will be hard times and setbacks. It will be much easier to deal with these problems and challenges if your purpose is something that basically means everything to you.

A quick look at the reality

The reality that I unfortunately experience again and again – and I think it looks familiar to many – unfortunately looks a bit different.

Many people do not do something because they really want it, but because they think they have to. They believe they have to because they have to do something for others, or because society supposedly demands it.

Sometimes I also have the experience that I can not be told on my question, why one makes something specific.

“That has always been so” or “Is still a nice project” I receive then with very lethargic undertone as an answer. But I feel no energy, no passion and no passion.

How do you find his passion?

In fact, it is not easy to find his passion. For that you have to deal first with what you actually fun, what you burn and what is important to you.

And that is not easy. After all, you have to deal with yourself and question yourself. That’s tricky. Because space for self-lying is no longer available – at least not if you want to get a usable answer.

It is best if you consult someone who does not necessarily have a close relationship with you. With a partner, for example, such a conversation can be difficult.

Of course, such a conversation is of course also possible with a partner. However, it is essential that your counterpart answers you honestly and that you are unbiased to this person.

After all, the point is, for example, that you want to go completely into risk. However, if your partner is skeptical about that – and you know that – you may have trouble communicating with the other person.

But this is not conducive, because it is in this conversation – as hard as that sounds – only once for you and for what you want.

Why are you doing something?

Try to find out what excites you, where your voice begins to tremble with enthusiasm at the very thought of the project and where you would like to jump up and start right away.

This may take a while. Then it is time to overcome an unfortunately very common attitude: “I would like, but I just can not because …” And that is often to find, as one may believe in the first moment.

If you’re honest, is your job, your start-up, your friends, or what you’re doing tonight, right? Or do you do it because it’s expected because you’ve always done so because someone else said how great it will be, even though you’re not convinced of it?

If you then have something that inspires you, then rejoice! You have found one – or maybe several – passion.

Remember, at this moment, it’s not about probabilities or what others think about them. It’s only about what inspires you. What you make of it, that comes afterwards. But I’ll give you a little hint.

And remember, too, to have this conversation with you again and again. Because goals, attitudes and thoughts change over time

Hang in there

And now a small note at the end: If you have found something that totally excites you, in that you want to hang you completely – then do just that! Hang yourself completely, totally and completely pure. Do not do it halfheartedly, but give it all – 100 percent!

I am always asked for the “why”. Finally, one could also be careful and approach something carefully. However, I can say from my own experience that – if the project is not successful, but you have not given everything – you will feel guilty.

“If only I had done more …”, “If only I had been more involved …” “Why did I hold myself back? There was nothing to lose. “For me, those questions that I asked myself in such situations were the worst.

I did not worry so much that I failed. But I have thought a lot about why I did not approach the project with more vigor.

Therefore: Better with Karacho and the knowledge failing to have given everything, as later always to quarrel with that perhaps one could have done, should or even need more. Believe me – your world of thought will be much better and more relaxed.

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