Buy Instagram followers? Court condemns start-up for fake accounts

Buy 10,000 Instagram followers for five euros? For some Instagrammer, that still sounds too tempting to decline the offer. Now, a court has made an important decision to do so, and a company that sells fake followers is convicted.

Fake followers are a big problem on Instagram. But other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are also struggling with this problem. However, the topic does not receive so much attention there.

But why do so many people want to buy Instagram followers? The answer to this is varied and should have different reasons in individual cases. Nevertheless, there are two main motivations:

  1. Fake followers for Instagram are incredibly cheap. Depending on the provider, there are 1,000 new followers already for less than five euros.
  2. Many agencies, companies and advertisers are still looking only at the size of an account. Therefore, it is still attractive for aspiring influencers to quickly buy a large community and thus attract promotional deals ashore.

Of course, Instagram is well aware of this issue. For this reason, the platform closed end of 2018, for example, like and follow-apps from third-party providers. Actually, however, the few measures taken by Instagram have actually shown so far.

Buy Instagram followers? That’s cheating!

That’s why a judgment from the US comes at the right time. The New York Procuratorate recently announced that Devumi was convicted by the local court.

For example, Devumi allowed users to buy YouTube views and Instagram followers. Also in Germany there are numerous companies, which offer such services. For the founders and employees of Devumi, however, is now over.

The court fined the company a fine of $ 50,000 and also prohibited the operators from continuing to operate their site. A spokesman said about this decision:

Bots and other fake accounts are rampant on social media platforms. In doing so, they often steal the identity of real people for fraudulent activity.

As long as people and companies like Devumi continue to make fast money by lying to respectable Americans, we will (the prosecutor’s office; Editorial note)Find and Stop Anyone Making Money With Online Fraud.

Even if the second part of the message sounds a bit pathetic, the message is clear: If Instagram does not get the problem under control itself, the law will intervene. Finally, according to the court, the sale of fake followers is a fraudulent activity.

Fake followers hurt your account

And even if there are still enough companies in this country – and of course in the USA – who sell many (wrong) followers for little money, you should keep your hands off it.

After all, the damage done by fake followers is greater than the gain. You have many followers – and that caresses your own ego. However, they are not active on your account. If your followers do not interact with your images, that’s a bad sign for the Instagram algorithm.

It shows the algorithm that your fans are not interested in your content. This in turn leads to a bad engagement rate and in the long run that Instagram does not play your pictures as often. All this seems to be a pretty high price for a few thousand followers.

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