What should I post at all?

What should I post at all? This question is asked by many Instagram users. To answer this question, you need to know your followers. To do that, you’ll first have to clean up your community and delete Instagram followers.

In my article “Today I’m Deleting Instagram,” I’ve talked about switching from Instagram frustration to Instagram lust. A call from Switzerland made me realize that a good Instagram channel brings real value to the followers.

But before I could get started, I had to do some homework and decide which content I would like to post in the future. But how should I go about it? My product is really difficult to photograph – digital marketing is really not photogenic!

The spring cleaning

Okay, the decision to take Instagram as a channel seriously had fallen. I looked at my Instagram feed and noticed that there were some nice pictures, a few quotes and some pictures of my food. In between there were also 24 pictures with the content of my advent calendar 2016.

In short, my Instagram channel was a disaster.

At the point I asked myself the question: “Would I follow myself?” A rhetorical question, as I once stated. So the first step was to clear all the pictures to get a fresh start.

Because I did not want to give up all my followers – even if that leads to difficulties later and today. But more on that later. The solution: delete followers.

So the big deletion started. Already at that point, I noticed that my content was superficial, meaningless and unstructured, but sometimes visually beautiful. Anyway, get away with it!

A cup of coffee, two episodes of Bojack Horseman on Netflix and 821 pictures later it was time. I found my profile in a virgin state.

Now there were 1,200 followers and 20 pictures left.

Delete Instagram followers – and suddenly there were only 700 left

At that moment, it struck my heart. 1,200 followers – yes, that looked like a good base at first. But the fact is that in the seven years of my membership several rounds # Follow4Follow and # like4like had participated.

Without paying attention to the details: These 700 followers were 95 percent worth nothing and card-rich.

So, the next coffee pulled, two more episodes Bojack Horsemann and about 450 contacts later it was time: I had freed my channel of all obvious fake followers.

Now you may be wondering, why are you bothering?

Well, the Instagram algorithm evaluates posts by relevance. The relevance is calculated from many factors. In short, if many of your followers look at your pictures, they’re more relevant. And yes, I know it’s more complex.

The more irrelevant followers you have, the more likely it is that relevant followers will not see your content. The result: Little likes, few comments, and even less relevance.

After a good four hours of work, I had put the spring cleaning behind me. For two months, Instagram took some of my work off my hands and put out 300 followers overnight. Probably part of a spam networker – who knows.

This does not happen to real followers.

Who do I do it for? What do my followers want?

Tidy up, check. Now it was time to create content that might be relevant to my followers. For relevant content, it’s important to know which topics attract your followers’ attention. But where should I start?

First of all, I needed some clues about what my followers might be interested in. To gather initial ideas, I use an old trick: Amazon as a source of inspiration.

If you ever need ideas for a book or a blog post, Amazon is a huge help. The whole thing goes like this:

  1. Call Amazon.
  2. Search for relevant keywords for your target group.
  3. Write down all book titles and click into the books.
  4. Read the comments carefully. There you will mostly find hints, what the readers missed.
  5. Make a list of interesting books and content ideas.

You should now have a good look into the psyche of your customers. The best idea now is to sort these content ideas on a large piece of paper, spreadsheet or mind map. This will give you a first overview of which topics are particularly interesting.

You can add more ideas to this list in the future. Sometimes they come from an unexpected corner: In the meantime, I have the impression that many entrepreneurs have a small problem: their partner does not understand what drives someone to become self-employed.

Personally, but not private

So, I’m talking about this problem that somehow plagues everyone in self-employment. I try to address personal but not private matters. This topic appeals to many people and everyone can say something.

I myself know this discussion from my own life and I believe that it is not openly talked about. By addressing this, I can provide a platform for men and women. You do not have to deliver that kind of emotional content. But it’s just me.

Some are good at transporting information in an entertaining way. I am not yet able to present my relaxed style on Instagram. It takes time to move and present in front of hundreds of people naturally.

Good content makes me believe it’s about me

In the last article, I already wrote, “Having a good Instagram channel makes me feel like it’s about me.” To trigger that feeling, you have to empathize with your followers’ psyche.

In the next article, I’ll show you how to find out who your Audience is on Instagram and how to get closer to it.

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