Science fiction in France: authors looking for a war of the future

Science Fiction in France: The military is looking for “four or five” authors to come up with a war of the future in which the country defends itself with “disruptive” technology. One wants to be prepared for everything.

The vacancy was published in 2018 by the Agence de l’innovation de dfense together with a document.

Indeed, the Innovation Department of the French Army wants to build a “Red Team” that, with the help of its imagination, should come up with new types of attacks that would be possible today – and how France could defend itself against them.

That sounds very much like science fiction and somehow it is. The document states that the authors sought should “steer innovation efforts through imagination”.

Science fiction at war: how can the French army defend itself?

In practical terms this should look like this: The authors think of an attacking enemy who puts France to the test in military planning games or in comprehensive security tests.

Technical and organizational security measures of companies are tested.

The project obviously has the background that France’s army wants to be prepared for everything and everyone. The innovation department is also currently working with the company Starburst Accelerator.

Together, they run an innovation laboratory where they identify new technologies that the military could use.

France’s military makes few demands on its authors

At any rate, the job advertised requires a very creative mind and enthusiasm for science fiction.

Much more, but not because the imaginary attacks should remain secret. So you do not have to be able to put them on paper in detail. In an emergency, the selected readers in the military should probably hand out a few “summary notes”.

As such a thought-out war could look like, we can only imagine ourselves in the head. Maybe a scenario with lightsabers or self-bred dragons? In the arms register of Star Wars one would certainly find plenty of inspiration as an author.

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