Donotpay: This is the chatbot lawyer for legal issues and violations

Who needs an expensive lawyer if there is Donotpay? Joshua Browder has developed a chatbot that will allow you to fight traffic jams and other violations in the United Kingdom and the United States – free of charge and often successful. A portrait.

He is the Robin Hood of the Internet: Joshua Browder has developed after his graduation in 2015, a chatbot, which is to help one in the UK free to fend off traffic tickets.

The so-called Robot Lawyer – a software that automatically solves problems of lawyers – is called Donotpay (“number not”). The chatbot creates legal documents that can be used against fines.

Joshua Browder: If you are smart, you do not pay

When the Briton made his driver’s license at the age of 18, he was repeatedly fined felonies for parking. Of course he did not want to pay for it.

Therefore, Browder began to file an objection to the traffic tickets. And surprisingly, he was successful in many cases. If you are smart and you try, you do not always pay.

To help others as well, Browder used his programming skills and developed Donotpay. Where once only a website was, today there is also a correct Appfr iOS users, which helps plaintiffs with their objections.

File an appeal with Donotpay

And this works like this: Donotpay opens a chat window where we can tell a bot about our problem. He asks us based on an artificial intelligence (AI) fundamental questions about our situation and the one who wants to sue us.

This information is then used by the AI to create documents that are specific to our case. We then have to send them to a court so that we are also considered official claimants.

In 2015, the chatbot was only available in Browder’s home UK. After the app was also applicable in New York in March 2016, they can now also use users in all 50 states of the United States.

Donotpay also helps refugees

The application has also been extended to cover issues such as airline pricing, data breaches, late parcel deliveries and unfair bank charges. But that’s not all: Donotpay also helps refugees to handle asylum procedures in the US, Canada and the UK.

Browder has programmed the app so that there are different uses for the countries. In England, for example, refugees can use Donotpay to find out how they can apply for financial support from the state.

In the United States and Canada, they can complete their immigration papers with the so-called AI attorney so that their chances of obtaining asylum are as high as possible.

“It works by asking a series of questions to determine if a refugee is entitled to asylum on the international legal basis,” Browder said in an interviewBBC.

Success rate is around 50 percent

The success rate of the objections should be according to Browder allegedly around 50 per cent. However, it is also extremely important that users have enough evidence in the hindquarters for an appeal to be successful.

The average profits per plaintiff should amount to about 7,000 US dollars. That’s about 6,100 euros.

Currently the service is still available free of charge. Browder is also thinking about betting more specific legal advice in the future.

Will Donotpay also come to Germany?

LoudMirror onlineThere have been talks between Browder and German lawyers in 2016 to bring Donotpay in this country at the start.Bislang has done nothing in the direction. Also, when and if the app Android users available, is not known.

At least for driving too fast, there is a good alternative in Germany: On we can check our fines free of charge. Traffic lawyers from partner law firms examine these and in case of hiring we pay no fine.

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