Share Google search results: Useful or unnecessary?

What happens if users can share their Google search results with friends via a sharing button? This question has been asked by the developers of the search engine. This begs a fundamental question: do we need such a function at all?

Sharing functions have become a daily part of Internet users. They form the basis of almost every social network. Sometimes they are public shares, sometimes private sharing via messenger.

And even on websites and in newsletters, share buttons have gained a solid place in the meantime. Whether this is legally always completely compliant, is at this point left undecided.

Sharing feature tested for Google search results

So far, we have been safe from sharing functions only in one place: in the vast majority of search engines.

The reason is obviously obvious. Finally, the question is: why should users share Google search results with their friends if they do not even know if the link is helpful?

Nevertheless, Google has now conducted a short test with selected users. That showed numerous posts on Twitter in the last days. Specifically, there are three new features in the search results:

  1. The possibility to share a link.
  2. The option to open the cache.
  3. The possibility to open the link in a new window.

Shortly thereafter, Google manager Danny Sullivan confirmed the suspicions of Twitter users. The Google Search feature is actually a test, not a bug.

Yes, this is a test.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) July 16, 2019

Why would it make sense to share Google search results?

That’s probably the first question users ask themselves. A part of a possible answer we have already given above: A sharing function tends to be more helpful after reading an article – and not before.

It’s also just as easy, if not simpler, to copy the URL or use the sharing features of each page.

Even if it does not really seem to be a meaningful use at present, the test is still exciting. That’s especially true of Google’s latest social network Shoelace.

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