Influencer Louisa Dellert asks for donations for herself – where is the charity?

Because Louisa Dellert no longer promotes fitness on Instagram but is committed to sustainability and politics, she needs financial support. After a donation call, she earned a veritable shitstorm. Where is the charity? A comment.

Louisa Dellert is an influencer from Brunswick. And yes, that’s a real job. The times have changed. In order to earn money, you no longer have to complete a three-year vocational training today, which is actually no fun anyway.

Obviously, many people are against the grain when others do not opt for a boring job, but follow their passion – especially if that means they are making little money with it.

Can you already feel the anger and the envy behind it? This is often a cause for those who have exchanged their dreams for a supposedly secure job.

Louisa Dellert is an influencer and that’s a good thing

As an influential fitness blogger, Louisa Dellert used to have no trouble making ends meet. Paid collaborations with affiliates enabled her to work as an influencer.

And it was fine like that. After all, Dellert had a lot of fun with her job. It helped companies to market their products and drew interested users’ attention to them. It was a win-win situation – until Dellert decided to take a different path.

Environmental protection, sustainability and politics

The 29-year-old is now working on environmental protection, sustainability and politics. But the change has its price: partnerships and advertising from certain companies are no longer eligible for them.

Dellert describes herself on Instagram as an “activist for the good” – and that is worthy of all honor. She explains, for example, how the Climate Protection Act works or how to find the right green electricity supplier for itself.

These are all important issues that we should deal with in times of global warming and Hambacher Forest protests. And Dellert is committed to it, even if she currently earns little money.

Louisa Dellert asks for voluntary donations

But many people are obviously a thorn in the side that they ask for voluntary donations, to continue to enlighten us about what we do not want to hear. That’s also unpleasant when we have to let an influencer tell us to do something about global warming.

Anyway, Dellert asks her fans and followers for donations, so she can afford, among other things, a Bahncard 100. Of course that sounds bold at first – but only until one realizes that the influencer wants to go to interviews and do research trips.

Check out this post on Instagram

Thank you very much to all those who have not taken my call two days ago negative and trust me. Of course I want to keep you informed about the next steps. With the 7,300 € following things are paid: a BahnCard100 with which I drive exclusively to appointments such as school visits, research or interviews such as with the packaging industry. At the same time, I still have my BahnCard 50 for private travel. In autumn are the state elections. Yesterday I got together with two great people because we want to launch a campaign. How the money is used, I then show transparent. With the remaining money, a cameraman is paid exclusively for political issues, which train journeys or overnight stays, the filming and cutting concerns, when we make recordings in Brandenburg, for example. In addition, today I was at my tax consulting firm and I will be officially evaluated and certified by the end of the year, what was paid by your money. That will be published. Again: I do not pay rent, insurance or the like. Luckily, I already have 1-2 other jobs a month with which I can deny that. Many of you say that this political work is my hobby. Yeah, maybe that’s what she is when you see it that way. But then I like to be 100% behind that I asked for this hobby for financial support. Now I have the opportunity to put more work into it. So thanks! Also, the question of what I do with the money that now remains after the projects, I can understand. And if I can set up a political event for you as a thank you or invite a school class to Brussels to bring them closer to the EU. I DO NOT use this money to fund my “influencer” existence. And finally: I think it’s a pity that we are so distrustful, angry and skeptical about “new” or things that are different, especially here in Germany. ✌🏽

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In addition, Dellert wants to put the money in political projects around the state elections in the fall and pay a professional cameraman. If there is anything left, she may also want to invite a school class to Brussels to bring the European Union closer to them.

Freedom of expression versus Shitstorm

The nice thing about the internet is that everyone can voice their opinion. In a perfect world this results in interesting discussions, we get to know new perspectives and broaden our horizons.

But where love and understanding prevail, there must also be hatred and incomprehension. Dellert earned a shitstorm for her appeal for donations. In an interview with the magazineneonShe said that she had already expected it.

Really constructive, most of the hate comments were not. Dellert should look for a real job, instead of asking on the Internet for foreign money, it says for example. In addition, it was a joke, how one can get through today only with a good look. Is it still possible?

Anger, incomprehension and compassion

You do not even know how to deal with news like this. First, only anger seethes, because so much hate, frustration, envy and stupidity are between all the spelling and grammatical errors.

Actually, people can be terribly sorry for such comments. Because they may have always struggled to achieve something in life, and now hate others for making it easy in their eyes.

Maybe because they have given up their dreams and can not see how others go on, even when it’s hard. And maybe because people like Louisa Dellert remind them how they would like to be.

We are here to help each other

One thing is for certain: we are here to help one another, not to insult each other. Every human being enriches our society by following his enthusiasm. If he is in his element and does what he does best – for himself and for others.

Dellert wants to do something for us by educating us about animal welfare, sustainability and politics. If we help the influencer financially in their current situation, then we do it for ourselves.

We support and remunerate her in advance for what she does with the money afterwards – voluntarily. Where exactly is the problem?

If you do not like it, you can just keep scrolling instead of wasting your time and energy for unnecessary comment. The world does not need hate but more love again.

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