Lars Klingbeil in the podcast: in the podcast: That says the SPD Secretary General

In “Behind The Screens” – the podcast on digitization – Panos Meyer, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based digital agency Cellular, speaks with people who deal with the challenges of digitization in different positions and responsibilities on a daily basis. Today as a guest:Lars Klingbeil, Secretary General of the SPD.

The view to the front

When politicians talk about digitization, they are often skeptical. Quite different with Lars Klingbeil, because like no other, he can score with sound knowledge.

As a young Member of the Bundestag, he became spokesman for the network policy of the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Over the last ten years, he has dealt with the subject ever deeper and has thus developed a strong expertise.

Lars Klingbeil: “Let’s try the new, but not omit the old”

Digitization is for Lars Klingbeil a term for comprehensive changes that every person in our country feels. And he is very happy that in the meantime he no longer meets politicians who believe that digitization will soon end in hype.

One must openly face the new developments and be ready to learn to stay up to date. This also means that politicians and parties should adopt new forms of communication such as YouTube and Twitter as valid.

Let us think big.

After all, these are a logical evolution of the Stammtisch and Dorfwirtschaften, which have always been places where people met and exchanged.

The deeply human need for a unifying value base and personal exchange will continue to exist in the future.

The fear of digitization take

Klingbeil sees the great task of the next few years as being to relieve people of the fear of digitization. Practical examples that make digitization tangible are needed for this: In addition to flagship projects in the field of AI, simple bureaucratic processes are also digitized and thus made more convenient.

A prerequisite for this is a rethinking on all executive levels, parties and companies who must be prepared to question the status quo and give up in favor of genuine further development.

Why Lars Klingbeil sees the personnel changes within the SPD as a great opportunity, which role Europe plays in the question of digitization and which topics he wants to occupy in the future with the SPD, he talks about in the new episode of the Behind The Screens podcast, you Listen here on Soundcloud, iTunes or Spotify directly and for free.

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