Millennials on the job market: The right attitude is missing

Millennials have a problem: they are overwhelmed with too many opportunities. But is not the agony of choice the best thing that can happen to a generation? A comment.

Psychotherapist Tess Brigham says Millennials are intelligent, empathetic and interested in social engagement.

Sounds good. But these young people born in the period between the early 1980s and late 1990s should also be completely overwhelmed in the labor market.

Many of them seem to be afraid to choose between the many options available to them today.

The Millennials problem is an illusion

That’s the problem of generation Y, according to Brigham. But what’s a problem?

It’s basically just an illusion. A problem is a decision that you make based on your personal perception. But if you change the angle just a little bit, things are going in a different direction.

In concrete terms, for the millennials in the labor market, the mass of options currently causes many young people to be afraid of making the wrong decision. Therefore, they prefer to keep their feet completely still first.

We develop this perception because of our fellow human beings. So those who think similar and surround us every day. These can be parents, siblings, teachers, classmates and friends.

The many possibilities can be a present

But you can also understand the topic quite differently. The numerous possibilities also offer numerous people individual options to realize themselves.

Young people are growing up differently today than their parents. Often, they no longer seek a classical apprenticeship to generate a secure income, settle down in a small town, and start a family.

Millennials are trying. They do what they enjoy doing. And- that may sound cute and naive- Millennials are increasingly listening to their hearts. They want to find their passion and live.

It depends on the attitude

That’s why the attitude is crucial – always and everywhere. Anyone who understands the numerous possibilities as a gift and takes enough time to find out what is best for himself, the other alternatives do not need to interest first.

Where previously an obvious problem was suddenly none. Only by a small change of mind in the head. Because obstacles arise first.

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