With this game Google brings children safe surfing the net

“Be Internet Awesome” is the educational game by Google. Children learn how to use the Internet safely. Now there isnew lessons to identify fake news.Can the game really bring success?

The free educational game “Be Internet Awesome” is based on a web application and is therefore available to anyone with an internet browser and internet access. Google had already published it in 2017 on its own homepage.

Children under a certain age are to learn by the play, which dangers on the Internet lurk.

So far there have been five main topics in the series “Be Internet”:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care
  • Be Internet alert: Do not fall for fake
  • Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
  • Be Internet kid: It’s cool to be kid
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

Google has transferred these emphases to “Be Internet Awesome”. The game gives children the learning content in a fun way in colorful animations.

For example, to create a strong password, the child must first collect different letters and finally create a password.

“Be Internet Awesome” is not yet available in German

That’s the only catch. Whether “Be Internet Awesome” will also be in German is not yet known. However, because the topic is more relevant than ever, the release in our language for Google certainly not a red cloth.

The game is already available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and some other languages.

Incidentally, while the Artificial Intelligence (KI) Federation is discussing that AI needs better support from the federal government, the question arises as to whether we should teach a subject like data science in elementary school.

The digitization of the world of work is progressing ever further.

Children learn: fake news or correct information?

In any case, Google is responding to the increasing digitization and unavoidable, inappropriate content on the Internet with new lessons in “Be Internet Awesome”.

The program also teaches children how to recognize misinformation. This can be edited images, one-sided topics and wrong websites.

The primary target group are primary school teachers, who should teach their children the knowledge and skills to surf the Internet safely. The teaching material could therefore at least serve as a stimulus for teachers to playfully teach their students in Internet Studies.

Google can not ban inappropriate content from the Internet

It remains to be seen whether “Be Internet Awesome” will really be successful. It is clear that the idea behind the game is very successful.

Because whether Google wants or not: Without further ado, the group can not ban inappropriate content from the Internet. It is too easy for individuals to arbitrarily put photos, videos and texts online.

Also, a look at social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Co. shows that early digital education is actually indispensable today.

Whether “Be Internet Awesome” is a good step in this direction is another matter. After all, it would be understandable if teachers are skeptical of the learning software. As an Internet company, Google finally earns its money by exploiting user data.

Nonetheless, the basic idea is to make children playfully familiar with the Internet. In order to cope well and safely in the digital world, well-founded knowledge about their dangers is ultimately essential.

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