What to look for when choosing a hosting solution

If you create your own website, you will need a hoster and a suitable tariff. There are now enough providers. But how do you, as a newcomer, find the right package for you to use with your own website safely and quickly online?

Hoster there are quite a few. And the market is becoming increasingly confusing. But hosting is not the same as hosting, because the providers with their different packages differ considerably in terms of price, performance, performance and support.

As a beginner, you should take a close look at the properties and features of the hosting tariffs and then find the right solution for you. Because unfortunately the website can perform very well, but due to a bad hoster choice, your web site may slip due to a bad loading time in the Google ranking.

First, you should pay attention to hidden costs. Your hosting package should include e-mail, website and domain hosting and support.

New technology and performance

Latest technologies such as SSD web storage, latest PHP versions and the latest HTTP / 2 protocol should be included in your hosting package in any case, in order to operate a fast and modern website.

If your website is based on a CMS such as WordPress and Joomla or if you run a shop system such as Magento and Shopware, optimal performance with high security standards is a must.

If you want extra storage, you should look for the storage standard NVMe SSD web storage. He is again a lot faster than the normal SSD.

Additional storage and SSL

A nice-to-have within a hosting package is an additional cloud storage. You can use it for many different situations or customer projects to easily make files available.

Unfortunately not a matter of course: free SSL certificates. These should be enabled by default for all domains and sites.

The subject of security should also be in the focus of your web host. Here, it is important to switch to new versions of the software used as quickly as possible and above all patch vulnerabilities in the web servers without delay.

Conclusion: Excellent hosting does not have to be expensive

Modern hosting providers already provide you with all the technologies and numerous included services in their entry-level package. Therefore, hosting does not necessarily have to be expensive even for agencies and developers.

The hosting provider Hoststar has been on the market since 1996 and offers you appropriate and fair prices for domains. It allows you to maintain multiple domains for your website without incurring high costs.

At Hoststar, you can rely on an experienced customer service that is accessible to you both via email and over the phone.

This makes choosing the right hosting plan for your web project a breeze.

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