Interaction rates on the decline: Instagram influencers are losing more and more importance

It does not look good for Instagram influencers: A study has shown that the like numbers are falling dramatically for large accounts. Is Influencer Marketing already on the decline again? A new strategy is needed.

Actually, influencer marketing on Instagram has not grown up yet. For the first time, the model really got going in 2016. Since then, companies are battling for the most popular Instagrammer so that they can market their products as authentically and as contemporary as possible.

So far, Instagram influencers have been enormously important. This could be seen from the fact that their remote posts generated relatively many likes. They could affect a large number of people.

After all, fans interacted with the influencers and got so much more in touch with the products that the top instagrammers marketed for different companies.

Instagram influencer: Interaction rate is only 1.9 percent

However, the marketing company Influencer DB from Mnster has now analyzed how many Instagram users leave a like in the postings of the influencers.

The result should cause big accounts already worry: In the first quarter of 2019, the interaction rate for non-sponsored contributions was only 1.9 percent. The number of likes is compared to the number of followers.

For paid postings, the interaction rate was at least 2.4 percent. This means that sponsored posts are now better received by the followers.

Influencers exert less influence on their followers

By comparison, three years ago, the value of un-sponsored contributions was 4.5 percent – more than twice as high. Paid contributions came in 2016 to an interaction rate of four percent.

According to the study, Instagram influencers from all areas are affected. The fact that fans and followers are less likely to interact with them is mainly due to the incredible abundance of photos on the platform. In addition, users are annoyed by the increasingly sponsored contributions.

The authors of the study say that users simply scroll more and more about new posts because they are not interesting enough. This behavior could result from their extremely short attention span.

Small accounts are more popular than big ones

Big Instagram influencers are increasingly fighting for the attention of their followers. For small accounts comparatively better off: Influencers, which have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers, reach an interaction rate of 8.8 percent.

That’s because smaller accounts usually have a more personal connection to their fans. They interact more with their followers, for example by answering direct messages and responding to comments.

However, the more followers an influencer has, the smaller the interaction rate is.

Instagram influencers and companies need a new strategy

For companies that work closely with influencers, the results of the study are worrying. If Instagram continues to rely on public likes, they may need to rethink their strategy.

Because many companies are based on the number of followers that can show an influencer. But according to Finn Clausen, who oversees some football players in social media, the engagement is much more important.

He said in the interviewBASIC thinkingthat the organic reach continues to sink and many fans do not even see the contributions of the influencers.

However, even possible plans for an Instagram leaked without Likes on the Internet. Considering that the already low interaction rate could continue to fall, non-public key figures for Instagram influencers should be something of a blessing.

But in this case too, influencers and companies would have to develop a new approach to get followers back on their own and win new fans.

In addition, the question would arise as to what one wants to measure personal success on the platform then. After all, one would only know his own likes, but not those of the competition.

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