Social media for companies: How long do you want to remain unsuccessful?

Marketing is dynamic and time and again brings phenomena to the fore, leaving us confused – whether analog or digital. So what do you do? Let the air out! For this reason, there is at this point at regular intervals our column: One is still – The marketing on Sunday. Today: social media for companies and lost opportunities.

More or less every company today uses social media. And some have also obviously understood that social media has a lasting impact on their corporate future.

This knowledge usually comes at the latest at the time when the “market companions” are already heavily on Facebook, Instagram and Co. on the road and produce good content.

These companies are aware of their opportunity: they launch campaigns, present their products and services in a visually stunning manner and do everything in their power to retain potential customers, build a community and attract new customers.

Social media for companies: the way for future customers and colleagues

But what some companies fabricate, especially from the industry, is as frightening as sobering. Quasi social media from hell.

During my training as Social Media Manager in 2012, our former lecturers gave dissuasive examples, such as social medianotworks and which measures are rather promising.

There would be for example:

  • Do not talk about yourself all the time.
  • Social media is not an advertising channel.
  • Do not use technical jargon and no industry slang.
  • Without strategy, no success.
  • Find your own tonality.
  • Hire competent staff and, if possible, involve multiple departments and teams in social media work.

For me, out of the bubble of marketing nerds with pronounced social media Tourette syndrome that is just old-almost stale like a mug of beer.And already so internalized that I still encounter on network conversations on horrified faces, if I come into swarming and preaching.

Of course, social media continues to evolve. And we tooBASIC thinkingcould do much more than what we offer our readers on our channels.

But I notice more and more often that industrial companies have not really understood that good social media is not a nice-to-have. Mostly, these are companies that really do not have to buck financially if they add one or two people to their marketing team.

No time for change! Our catalog has to be finished!

Why is that? Is that even contagious?

I think it’s simply the narrow-mindedness of many entrepreneurs who have heard nothing of the strategic value of social media in the context of content marketing and of the social CEO.

Can not run properly before winning and therefore want to stick to the old scheme: Print costs and is worth something. Social media is cheap and not worth considering. Logical!

“Why should we change something? We are doing really well. Market leader! Innovation drivers! And we are regularly invited by IHK and Co. We do not need to change anything! Facebook is kindergarten anyway. “

Henry Ford once said, “Anyone who stops advertising to save money may also spend their time saving money.”

Mute your bosses

Dear social media and marketing managers: The prophets from their own country is not married. Take it easy. But there are ways out. Show your bosses what is needed to succeed in the long term. Get external consultants into the house, if possible.

Find out examples of companies that play well on selected social networks and pick up their customers on their buyer journey. Demonstrate how you do it right as a company: with transparency, authenticity and accessibility.

Because that is always more decisive than many innovative features.

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