Adnymics in Munich: A look behind the scenes of the flyer specialists

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Package supplements can be really annoying. However, if they are personalized and tailored to the user, they are a powerful marketing tool. That’s exactly what Adnymics has specialized since 2014. In our location portrait we look behind the scenes.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) has set many marketing genres face minor and major challenges. Thus it is at the latest since the coming into effect of the DSGVO punishable, users by E-Mail without express Opt-In to write down.

Marketing industries that have benefited from the GDPR

As a result, some industries within the advertising industry are experiencing a boom. These include, for example, package supplements. They count in the area of direct marketing and therefore do not need an opt-in.

The Munich-based company Adnymics also benefits from this fact. Since 2014, this has specialized in the automated personalization of package enclosures.

The idea came to founder and managing director Dominik Romer still during his study. He was annoyed that he first had to throw away a stack of inappropriate flyers when opening a package.

Visiting Adnymics in Munich

Out of this negative circumstance, Romer decided to start his own business in this sector. We would like to introduce you to the premises of his company Adnymics in today’s location portrait.

Adnymics, Personalization, Personalized Parcel Supplements, Personalized Flyers

The Adnymics office is located at Denisstrae 1b in the immediate vicinity of Munich Central Station. (Photo: Sharednc)

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