12-inch Macbook is no longer available: Thank you for nothing, Apple!

Without warning, just like that: Apple has removed the 12-inch Macbook from its store. With this, the most compact Macbook disappears from the market, which was perfect for frequent travelers and students. Thanks for nothing, Apple. A comment.

The practical 12-inch Macbook was first introduced in 2015 by Apple. It was thin and lightweight, featuring a responsive keyboard, the hitherto thinnest retina display, and a full-time battery life.

In short, it was the perfect Macbook for traveling authors, students and business people. And now Apple has pulped it. Just because.

Apple removes 12-inch Macbook from the store

Of course, the Macbook was not perfect. Even then Apple relied on the USB-C port for data transmission, video output and charging in a single connection.

That in itself is practical, but the rest of the technology world was and still is not ready for this step. This is shown by the fact that there are, for example, very few monitors with USB-C connection on the market. So far, we still have to work with numerous adapters.

Nevertheless, the 12-inch Macbook was a very good device that you could always access quickly. It weighed less than a kilogram and was better than no other Macbook on the go.

But instead of refining the Macbook and giving it a performance update again, Apple just removed it from its store.

Perhaps, to provide more order and clarity. Maybe to focus even more on a smaller range of products. Anyway, it’s clear that the disappearance of the 12-inch Macbook means a loss for many users.

Apple updates Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

Of course that sounds dramatic – especially considering that Apple has updated the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The former now features true-tone Retina display technology for a more natural viewing experience.

In addition, the price of the Macbook Air has been reduced to around 1,250 euros. Students also receive a training discount.

The entry-level Macbook Pro comes with the latest generation of quad-core processors, making it twice as powerful as before. It is available for around 1,500 euros. That’s what Apple announced in a press release.

The 12-inch Macbook is not easily replaceable

But the 12-inch Macbook weighed only about a kilogram, and also the profile was slimmer than that of other models. The Macbook Air weighs only 250 grams more, but that’s exactly what you can feel in your pocket.

Especially when you’re on the road, for example, or meeting friends in a caf and then strolling through the city.

The current Air and Pro models are not an alternative for the Macbook. And even with an iPad, the device simply can not replace.

For those who really use the Macbook mainly for writing will certainly not be satisfied with an iPad including additional keyboard. The feeling is just not the same.

And who still maintains claims to a retina display, would have to switch to the expensive iPad Pro. The 11-inch model is available only from 879 euros, the larger 12.9-inch model from 1,099 euros.

And even so we would not get our compact 12-inch display. A pity, Apple.

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