Because of hatred on Facebook: Sheepworld distances itself from its own boss

The fashion label Human Blood has ended its collaboration with Sheepworld because its founder Tobias Hiltl on his private Facebook profile “against refugees rushes”. Meanwhile, Sheepworld has distanced itself. A step in the right direction against hatred on Facebook?

According to the online journalW & VTobias Hiltl commented disparagingly on Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete. The Sheepworld boss described her as a “tug and trafficker”. Meanwhile, neither the post office nor his profile can be found.

Human Blood ends its collaboration with Sheepworld

The Amberg fashion label Human Blood has ended its collaboration with Sheepworld. In an official statement, the company states that Hiltl’s statements are “absolutely incompatible with our brand and our philosophy.”

And further: “We as a brand against racism and exclusion, even if posted privately, can not accept such statements and therefore provide the cooperation with theSheepworld AGwith immediate effect. “

According to theBavarian RadioHiltl’s profile had been public for a long time. He apparently shared contributions of the alternative for Germany (AfD) and wrote of the “immigration of anti-social cultures”.

The text of his posting to Carola Rackete read: “Looks like they’re crossing Libya and just waiting for refugees to come.”

And further: “That’s like waiting for harvest to justify his job! This is a joke to court the trafficker and human trafficking supporting rocket and their deed is good. “

Also Sheepworld distances itself from founder Tobias Hiltl

Sheepworld itself has responded with a press release on Facebookebenfalls on the dispute – and distanced himself from his boss.

“We are sorry if the remarks made by Tobias Hiltl caused you displeasure. We want to make it clear that this is the private statements of Tobias Hiltl and this is not the position of Sheepworld AG, “the company writes to its customers.

“We stand for fairness and diversity. We do not allow ourselves to be assigned to any political camp and that’s a good thing. Our channel is therefore not a suitable platform for political debate in this form. Please understand that we do not tolerate political hostility and insults here. “

Hiltl responds to announcement of Human Blood

Against the Amberger ZeitungOnetzHiltl first made public statements. Accordingly, he was neither racist nor Hetzer or even a supporter of the AfD.

He acknowledged the statement by Human Blood as follows: “That’s really consistent. Congratulate yourself so consistently discredited other opinions! Apparently, another, realistic opinion does not suit you, so everything outside of a left opinion is trampled and destroyed! That’s how it works here. Well, it’s just like that in the lush green environment! Tolerance is only valid in one direction! “

The fashion label in turn responded to his response via Twitter with nothing but charity: “Our farewell gift is that we send the in-camp T-shirts to the rescue team so they can give the shirts to refugees who need them.”

Finally, Hiltl apologized on the Facebook page of his company.

Mission Lifeline invites Hiltl to the rescue

The aid organization Mission Lifeline from Dresden also responded particularly well: The Twitter association Sheepworld spoke directly to Twitter and invited Hiltl to take part in a rescue mission.

Hey @sheepworld! We’ve heard your boss has no good opinion of Lifeboat and #CarolaRakete. How about telling him he can join a mission? Then the reservations may clarify! Simply apply:


A step in the right direction

It’s nice to see, of course, that Sheepworld and Human Blood responded promptly to the discriminatory hostility of Hiltl and his post can no longer be found on Facebook.

The comments under the statement shared by Human Blood are also mostly positive. Fans of the fashion brand praise the company for being so consistent.

A step in the right direction against hatred on Facebook is definitely the case. However, the companies themselves have responded.

The question arises as to whether Facebook itself would have done anything against Hiltl’s questionable postings if Sheepworld and Human Blood had not become active themselves.

After all, Facebook wants to do absolutely more against hatred on the platform. Recently, the social network had even announced a supervisory board – but only shortly thereafter imposed a fine of two million euros, because it had apparently not reported all the hate comments from the half of 2018.

All this does not sound credible.

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