Make it easy: managed hosting for agencies and companies

Running a server as a company itself has significant benefits. And often your own solution can also be used for numerous other purposes. But to ensure a high-performance and safe operation, it requires absolute specialist knowledge. Therefore, managed hosting solutions are often the better alternative – because it protects the nerves and also the wallet.

To deal with the administration and maintenance of your own server, companies need a lot of resources. If you do not have the necessary manpower with appropriate competence in your own company, a managed server makes sense.

The server system is completely independently managed and administered by the respective provider.

Security is a top priority in managed hosting

Especially in terms of security, a company benefits from managed hosting solutions. Often, servers are targeted by hackers around the world who gain access to the server to control it and then use proprietary data.

With a managed hosting, the danger can be reduced thanks to regular updates, permanent monitoring and successively optimized safety settings. Compared to virtual or root servers, the hosting provider not only resorts to the computer as hardware, but entrusts highly qualified specialist staff with it to control the system continuously.

Setup and Administration

Another advantage of a managed hosting solution, in addition to full maintenance, is that the vendor handles both server installation and configuration for the customer. The customer therefore does not necessarily have to have knowledge of server services.

Of course, the service is financially incomparable with an alternative with root servers. But the competent technical advice, the customer service and the performance-strong server systems consisting of branded hardware outweigh the advantages clearly.

In addition, technical support for managed server offerings is usually available 24/7 for customer inquiries. In addition to the security advantage, the time saved, which must be scheduled for maintenance and system updates, is another big advantage of Managed Servers.

Managed hosting in a class of its own

The premium provider of managed hosting is RobHost. B2B customers enjoy the complete support of the server architecture and benefit from special solutions such as private clouds, Kubernetes clusters and high availability.

Thanks to its proximity to the largest internet node in the world, the DE-CIX, as well as other Internet nodes and data centers in Frankfurt am Main, the customer is assured of the best possible latency and connection speed of the servers used. More than 1,500 Linux instances are in use.

Since 2009, the premium provider offers individual server solutions for different requirements, especially for extensive online shops or demanding web hosting for agencies. Value is placed on an individual support, which is available 24/7 for customers.

More information about the individual hosting packages can be found here.

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