Belle Dolphins crowns the madness of the influencer

Belle Delphine is 19 years old. After all, the young Briton follows more than four million people on Instagram. Now the influencer has probably made her biggest coup: she has sold her bath water in small doses for $ 30 to her fans. That is madness.

Who is looking forward to the electricity and water billing at the end of the year? Right: Almost nobody. However, the British influencer with the artist name “Belle Dolphins” may think: “Ha, not I pay you, but you pay me!”

Belle Dolphins sells her bath water for $ 30 a can

How does this happen? The answer to this question is provided by a look at the 19-year-old’s Instagram profile. Belle Dolphine has always been relatively revealing there. The cosplayer often lolls in her underwear with her big eyes and pink hair.

A concept that works well on Instagram: The Briton now follows more than four million people. This converts the influencer via an own online shop then into buyers. There are exactly seven products to choose from.

Below are five provocative posters, a mousepad and a small tin of bathwater. The latter product is currently sold out. The price per can is at least $ 30.

Presumably, the young Briton can not wait to spend enough time in the bathtub to fulfill the orders.

Belle Delphine reveals the lascivious side of Instagram

Anyone who, like the young British woman, presents himself so liberally addresses a specific clientele. This is no secret and can be expected in this form. Nevertheless, the example shows once again how gloomy it sometimes goes behind the gloss facade of Instagram.

If, for example, users in the post office ask whether the influencer urinates into the water or if she currently has her period, there is no need for further explanation.

Of course there are many critical opinions in the comment column. For example, it is pointed out that in this way quickly spreading diseases. But that does not seem to matter to most users – and probably Belle Delphine herself.

A commentator puts it well in a nutshell: “It uses all of you as a sales tool.” Because whether this action is nauseating, dangerous or perverted: Belle Dolphine earned with this action massive money – if that’s okay another question.

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