Do we need data studies as a school subject in primary school?

Artificial intelligence is already firmly established in China and the United States. However, according to the KI Bundesverband, there is still a lack of political support in Germany.Do we need data studies as a school subject in primary school in order to be able to compete in the future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs better support from the federal government. That’s what Jrg Bienert says to the marketing magazineAbsatzwirtschaft, He is chairman of the KI Bundesverband and wants to establish Germany as a business location for AI.

The reason: The digitization of the working world is progressing steadily. China, the United Kingdom and the United States are technically far ahead of us.

“In the field of AI on commonly available data, for example from the Internet, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are clearly in the lead,” says Bienert about the online magazineGrnderszene.

Do we need data studies as a school subject in primary school?

With the constant development of AI, we will also experience “massive changes in the labor market in the future,” says Bienert. Therefore, he demands a corresponding school subject already in elementary school.

Dates could be called it and focus on AI applications. At first glance, the suggestion sounds quite absurd: children who are just learning to read and write should on the one hand already deal with complex technology and data research?

Children, computers and internet

On the other hand, the digital age does not stop at small people. Our children grow up with smartphones, tablets and all kinds of other technical devices. Accordingly, they should be informed soon enough at least about privacy and data security.

In addition, AI will enable new applications in all sectors of the economy in the future. According to Bienert, there is already a great need for data scientists today who can not be covered.

In the future, new opportunities would be created by AI but also other new jobs. So perhaps it is our responsibility to introduce our children to the subject as early as possible.

Will Germany otherwise get a macroeconomic problem?

The subject of data acquisition would, like everything else, bring its advantages and disadvantages in elementary school. Some children may enjoy the subject matter a lot. Others may not be far enough to understand this complex content. You may feel overwhelmed.

The question should therefore probably not be whether we teach future data science, but from when. Finally, AI has tremendously important potential for our labor market.

If Germany does not want to fall back much further in digital development over the next few decades, appropriate arrangements should be made for the future. And since children are our future, it is only logical to introduce them to the subject at school.

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