How to optimally encrypt and protect your data with pCloud (+ raffle)

The call for privacy is getting louder. The data theft of numerous politicians and celebrities by a young hacker illustrates the urgency. The provider pCloud offers you a client-side cloud solution according to military standards.

Anyone who uses documents and files privately or professionally in a variety of ways is aware of the benefits of cloud solutions.

Cloud storage does not burden either your own hardware or your own software. In addition, compared to the corresponding local storage storage, including required updates, they are less expensive – and far more secure.

In particular, a client or customer encryption offers by far the greatest protection against hacker attacks. Compared to server-side encryption, encryption is performed directly on the device in use – not by an external server.

What does client-side encryption mean?

So before you upload files to a cloud, an encrypted version of your files will be created. Simple and easily accessible text files do not leave your device because they are formatted accordingly.

The situation is different with server-side encryption. It is encrypted after the data is stored on the server.

In this process, the cloud provider is theoretically able to read your data and use it without any problems.

However, this is not possible with client-side encryption. Thus, public requests for private data remain unsuccessful because the provider has absolutely no access to it.

With pCloud you have the unlimited file security

The cloud provider pCloud uses client-side encryption according to military standards in its cloud solution. Only the owner of a so-called “Crypto Pass” can encrypt and decrypt data. There is no other option.

As a provider, pCloud can not decrypt hosted data and therefore can not read individual files. To ensure data security, pCloud uses TLS / SSL encryption when transferring your files.

If the upload is successful, pCloud saves your data to at least three different server locations in a high-performance data storage area.

Optionally subscribe to pCloud Crypto and store your most important files encrypted and password protected. Thus, pCloud provides ultimate file security for every user.

The Swiss cloud storage provider thanks its growing German-speaking users with a raffle. Those who have always wanted a secure online storage for their photos, videos, personal and business files now have a unique opportunity to earn a premium account with pCloud. There are a total of three Premium Lifetime 500 GB accounts worth € 480 each to win. In order to participate in the raffle, participants simply have to sign up with an e-mail address or join a Facebook or Twitter account. If participants want to increase their chances of winning, then there are some actions that they can use to unlock more points, like invite friends, tweet on Twitter, or answer a quick question.

To the raffle

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