Instagram: No more than a frustrating place

On Instagram, fake profiles and bots are taking up more and more space. The spam problem is incredibly annoying and robs us increasinglythe fun. Why the photo and video platform can soon only work privately, if nothing changes. A comment.

Do you know that, too? You’re switching your Instagram profile publicly because you want to share your new favorite photo with people other than your personal friends and followers.

You tag the photo with a few hashtags so other users can find it easier. The first likes and comments are coming in, but you can see right away: they come from companies, fake profiles and engagement bots.

The fun of the thing is already gone. Now, the first fake accounts look at your stories and follow you. Mass Storyviewing means that then. Annoyed, you switch your profile back to private.

Instagram has a problem with fake profiles and bots

It’s not new that Instagram has many fake profiles and bots on the way. The problem is not dangerous for us, but extremely annoying.

We used to like it when real people liked our photos and followed us. It was just fun. And every once in a while new contacts have been created through Instagram. If we’ve been aware of similar accounts through publicly shared posts, for example.

Today, this is no longer possible, without being bothered by fake accounts and engagement bots. In the meantime, they have even arrived in the stories. Anyone who publishes their profile must expect to collect automated likes, comments, story views and subscribers.

Instagram is involuntarily developing into a private platform

If you do not want to have anything to do with it, you only have one thing left: to switch your profile back to private.

Fake profiles and bots will not come close. But there are also lost many beautiful opportunities that made Instagram so attractive earlier.

Our posts and stories can no longer be found by other users via the hashtag feature. First of all, we would only communicate with our followers. Our photos and videos would be shielded from the vast Instagram world. Generating more coverage would be difficult.

Of course, we could still approach other profiles ourselves. But Instagram has never worked as a one-way street. The sense of the platform would simply be lost.

The future is private

Mark Zuckerberg had already announced this year at the developer conference F8: “The future is private.”

That the Facebook boss, the Instagram also just heard so that also related to other platforms is correct, he might not have thought even.But it is true: privacy is more important for users. On Facebook, groups and stories have long come to the fore.

In addition, Facebook users have the advantage of being only available to a certain group of people through their own friends list.

That’s how Facebook works, but not Instagram. So, if the photo platform does not come up with a solution to their big spam problem, the communication could shift further and further into the private sphere.

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