C2 Montreal: Is the flight worthwhile for this slightly different conference?

The “C2 Montreal” combines art and business, thereby creating a special conference. This year, “Tomorrow” was the motto. But does the event manage to set itself apart from the concept? Is a flight to Canada worthwhile for this economic event?

It’s impressive numbers: more than 7,500 guests from over 60 countries, over 100 speakers, nearly 400 media representatives and eight goats gathered in Montreal for three days. For nearly ten years, one of the largest business conferences in Canada has been held every year at the end of May: the C2 Montreal.

Originally, the focus of the conference was on participants in Canadian companies and startups.

However, in recent years there has also been a growing push to persuade foreign companies to come to Montreal for three days and to network and network with the Canadian business community, representatives of the city and the state of Quebec, and young entrepreneurs.

And the C2 Montreal offers a lot!

Networking with innovative tools

It starts with the entire organization of the conference, which aims to spur creativity and sprout new ideas. So it is theoretically no longer necessary to bring business cards.

Via the app “Klik” the own information can be exchanged via a conference badge with an exciting contact. It’s also fun, because the badge has to be pressed at a special point to send the information – and confirms that with a colored signal.

The received data is then stored in a corresponding app.

Look for details

That’s just the beginning. Because what makes the conference so exciting in my eyes, are the details that ensure at all times that you always find surprising innovations.

Thus, speakers are not just announced, but underpinned the announcements with special videos and light shows. Breaks between the lectures are filled with short deposits of singers and actors and the stages resemble arenas or sandy beaches.

Behind these peculiarities is no lesser company than Cirque de Soleil, who already show with their world-famous stage shows that the term “circus” is much more than clowns, acrobats and animal training numbers.

Specially prepared conference rooms

Particularly striking are the rooms in which the individual lectures take place. Each room is different, sometimes there are rows of chairs, sometimes small tables with eight to ten bar stools, sometimes booths around tables that look like seating in a caf.

The main room is modeled on an antique arena – including sand on the stage. Everything serves to make conversation easier and faster with other people.

One has a hanger for the conversation quickly – be it the premises, the themes or the furnishings on the tables and in the rooms.

Innovative content

But what would a conference be without content? Of course there is always networking, which is very good at C2 Montreal. Of course, one should not overlook the fact that the three-day tickets start at around 1,500 Canadian dollars. That’s the equivalent of around 1,000 euros.

Normally only people and companies who really promise a benefit from this pay for it. But in the end the lectures should bring new ideas for themselves, their company and for the future in general.

Flock of illustrious speakers

Again, the C2 Montreal raises the bar very high. This year there were many illustrious guests. These included Angela Ahrendts, for example. She was former Vice President of the Apple App Store.

Filmmakers Spike Lee, Cam Battley of Aurora Cannabis and Jason Chen, CEO of Acer, were also on location. The astronaut David Saint-Jacques switched live from the international space station.

As it describes the C2 Montreal itself: These speakers from many different industries have one thing in common: to provide inspiration for creative solutions to today’s challenges in the business world. And in my view, I can say: you have delivered.

Anyone looking for ideas – be it for the current global challenges such as climate change, environmental protection, interaction with and addressing customers or best practice examples for the sale of services or the involvement of employees in decision-making processes – has found it here.

And one more aspect I find interesting. In Europe, the speakers who were at the C2 Montreal were not always well known, so in fact they got new input.

further activities

And these were just the speakers. In addition, there were Masterclasses- for example, to branding, creativity and creative processes, workshops to use the Facebook Messengers or to address the Generation Z and talk shows on topics such as nanotechnology and the future of nutrition.

After all, all participants were listed in a database and you could contact them and arrange an appointment with them. The special feature: The speakers could also meet to a so-called “Braindate”.

What did I take with me from C2 Montreal?

Of course I’ll always be asked why I go to this conference. This year I would name four points that will concern me the next time:

  • Innovations happen faster than you think, especially in typical traditional industries. In addition I count the branch of the legal advice, in which I am active.
  • The type of customer approach is changing – both in terms of tools and in terms of style.
  • The communication and transport of knowledge changes, because everyone tries to show their knowledge. It is no longer just about highlighting, but about giving meaning to knowledge and placing it in a context.
  • Dealing with employees changes. They want to work differently, to be led differently and to recognize other role models than in the past.

My conclusion to the C2 Montreal

You can already see from my short report: I can only recommend participation in this conference. You get new ideas, inspirations and interesting contacts. Of course, this is especially true if you are interested in the Canadian market.

But also the increasing number of participants from all over the world offers the opportunity to expand its network qualitatively. And do not forget the city of Montreal where the conference takes place.

Because this is due to the size, the combination of North American and French lifestyle and the nice and open-minded people worth a visit. If you want to know more, just write a comment here or contact me directly.

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