Influencer advertising: Ministry of Justice wants to anchor rules in law

Meanwhile, the legal uncertainty in the case of the labeling of influencer advertising has also arrived at the federal government. State Secretary Gerd Billen therefore promises a new law during this legislative period.

There is hardly any industry in which there is more uncertainty than in influencer marketing – at least when it comes to the legal situation.

What is advertising? What is not advertising? When do I have to mark a post as an advertisement? Are many hashtags enough? Does it need a label in German? With these and many other questions small and large influencers are confronted in this country.

Protection against warnings for influencers

In the back of the mind is always the question: flapping a warning tomorrow in the house, if I accidentally unintentionally mark a post? The fact that this situation is not just hypothetical, has been shown by blogger Vreni Frost and by player-wife Cathy Hummels.

Gerd Billen wants to take this fear on the young opinion makers on Instagram and Co. In an interview with theZDFsaid the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice

New business models have emerged, with which many young people try to build a future.

This future should not be unnecessarily endangered by (unjustified) warnings.

Legal regulations for influencer advertising

In contrast to previous comments on the labeling of influencer advertising, Billen and his ministry want loudZDFcreate a clear legal regulation in this legislative period.

But when things are posted for which there is no return, we can create legal certainty by not labeling anything and everything as advertising for fear of a warning.

If the government ruled until the end, the coalition parties would have until 2021 to implement this promise. But even if it comes to new elections, the new government must continue to deal with this issue.

Because whether influencers, users or companies: All parties need a clear regulation.

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