Mass Storyviewing on Instagram: That’s behind the annoying spam wave

Instagram stories are the future. That much is clear. That we get the next wave of spam, we getnow felt too. The new promotion strategy Mass Storyviewing wants to generate as many views as possible – and could soon ruin the fun.

Instagram has long had a big spam problem. Every tenth account is fake. Any likes and comments from bots are just annoying.

Anyone who represents his company on Instagram or runs a public private profile knows it all too well. The only way to at least circumvent such bots seems to be to offer them little to no attack surface through hashtags and links.

But you also lose reach. And switching a business profile privately is not an option anyway.

Mass Storyviewing is the new spam wave

So far, Instagram has found no solution to the spam problem in the feed. The photo and video platform depends heavily on.

This is also momentous because Instagram stories are becoming more and more the second, bigger feedand they are already bringing the next spam wave with them: Mass Storyviewing is the name of a new promotion strategy that aims to generate as many views as possible.

This is how Mass Storyviewing works

The term mass storyviewing had originally appeared in a post on the social news site Reddit. An Instagram user from Russia described the new strategy there and pointed out the difficulties she is facing.

According to this, large and popular profiles that we might be interested in should look at our public stories. If we see these accounts in our call lists, we should listen in and follow them if necessary.

Such accounts want to generate new followers in this way. But the marketing strategy has a catch. It also attracts numerous fake profiles and bots. In our call lists, we quickly lose track of the real, relevant accounts.

Is Instagram becoming a fake platform?

Mass Storyviewing can therefore become the next major spam problem on Instagram. If followers, likes and stories are increasingly corrupted: What relevance do they have?

And how should companies measure their success if they lose track of real and bad profiles?

Presumably, a commitment on Instagram would basically make sense. After all, the photo and video platform is still hugely popular. But the bot problem does not just affect businesses.

Views of fake profiles in stories also get private individuals with public profiles. And they would quickly lose the fun of making their content accessible to everyone.

Conversely, this means that companies and influencers can no longer access the stories of private users to appear in their call lists. The marketing strategy Mass Storyviewing would not work anymore.

Instagram needs a solution

Of course, story calls are not the only way to generate more reach and engagement. But they are becoming increasingly important. Instagram therefore urgently needs a solution to its spam problem.

Of course, it would be desirable to have an artificial intelligence that detects and disables bots and fake profiles. But is that realistic? The previous attempts are not really effective.

If not, Instagram should quickly come up with something different. Either way, the platform has to do something. Otherwise, Instagram runs the risk of spoiling the fun of its users.

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